ACCORDING TO XOROL (ksor-rawl) R. Oliver, the WORD of God will incarnate on this planet seven times. In the Book of Revelations, the WORD of God has seven horns and seven eyes. The seven horns refers to seven "male" bodies. The seven eyes refers to the seven incarnations of the WORD of God upon this planet. These seven incarnations are seven different Men, with seven different souls ("eyes"), in seven different bodies ("horns").

The Seven Incarnations of the WORD of God upon this planet

Xorol said:

"We read in the Apocalypse of John of the Lamb with seven eyes and seven horns. He is seen slain, on the Altar of God. What is the meaning of the seven eyes and seven horns? I was shown in the Spirit-World that the meaning is clear: the Christ-Spirit will become flesh on this planet not one time, but seven times. Seven different Men, all sinless, born of seven different mothers. All with seven different names. His first name was Adapa, and he of a woman, but not a woman from this world. He came from the Kingdom of Heaven, with an ethereal body, and he came to this would, and ate the fruit of the ground, which means fruit and berries, and His ethereal body slowly changed into a physical body, once again subject to death and decay. Then the Son of God appeared as Melchizedek, the king of Salem, to whom Abraham gave his tithing. Then He appeared as an Egyptian pharoah, by the name of Aye, the father of Nefertiti, the queen of Inkhanaten. It was a Aye that He committed the unspeakable sin with a daughter of Nefertiti, in the walled Garden in ancient Egypt, the Garden of Aten. That is why He had to return as a Prodigal Son, the Son of Mary, and offer up His blood to atone for the sin of Aye." (Lectures, p.33-34)

Ankhenaten (also spelled Inkhenaten) was born Amenhotep IV, but his uncle and father-in-law, Aye son of Yuya, converted him to the worship of Aten, the One God. So, Amenhotep took the name of Ankenaten (Breath of Aten). He married Nefertiti, the daughter of Aye, his uncle. Ankenaten build the City of Aten along the Nile river, where the present village of Amarna is located. Just south of the City of Aten, Akhenaten built the Sacred Garden, called Maru-Aten (also called "Meri-Aten" and "Meru-Aten"). The Garden was walled, and included a palace, fruit trees of all kinds, a small zoo, evaporation ponds, fish in the ponds, flowers of all types, an a "Sacred Tree" in the middle called the "Tree of Life". The remnants of that walled Garden may be seen and photographed today in Amarna, Egypt.

An artist's reconstruction of the Garden of Maru-Aten (Amarna, Egypt)

The Garden of Eden Story is based upon Pharaoh Aye, and his queen Khiyah, and their "sin" in the Garden of Maru-Aten. The sin was a sexual sin, which caused the Soul of Aye (the Soul of Adam) to "fall". Since our souls are copies of His souls, our souls also "fell" and became "dead" in the Spirit-World. This soul-death in the Spirit-World continued, until Aye returned as Jesus son of Mary, and "atoned" for the Sin of Adam (Aye). After that, all souls become alive (were resurrected) in the Spirit-World.

Adam was the Son of God (Luke 2:28). He was a Prophet and King on the planet Venus, billions of years ago, when the Sun was smaller and weaker, when Venus had oceans and life. You lived one mortal probation on Venus, and so did I. All human souls did. On Venus, the Man we call Adam died, and went to the Kingdom of Heaven, which are planets. However, He "fell" from the Kingdom of Heaven back to planet Earth. He came with an ethereal body, but ate fruit and berries and His ethereal body became physical. Adam is called "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38).

The Soul of Adam then incarnated (became flesh) as Melchizedek of Salem. Melchizedek died, and returned as Aye, son of Yuya. The ancient Egyptians "traded" with native American tribes along the Mississippi River, and in South America. That is why ancient Egyptian mummies have cocaine and tobacco in their bodies. Amenhotep III married Tiyah, the sister of Aye. Amenhotep IV married Nefertiti, his cousin and the daughter of Aye. You can see in the bust of Nefertiti her high cheek bones, and the "Mongolian folds" in her eyes. American Indians are Asians, originally from Siberia. They have high cheek bones and Mongolian folds in their eyes, just like other East Asians do.

Bust of Nefertiti (molded about 1350 B.C.)

The ancient Egyptians portrayed themselves as red skinned men, with no body hair, and very little facial hair. The following is from an ancient Egyptian mural showing four "races" with Egyptians at the far right. The Egyptians are smaller than the other races, with red skin, mostly straight hair, and little facial hair.

Libyan, Nubians (Negro), Canaanite, and Egyptian

The American Indians are not Semitic. They are not the children of Lehi the Jew and Ishmael the Arab. They have no Jewish or Arabic ancestry. They are Asians, from Siberia. A few tribes have a little Turkish DNA. The Mongolians also have Turkish DNA, as do many Siberian Asian tribes. According to Xorol R. Oliver, The Book of Mormon is not a history of America's past, but a prophetic parable, written by Rosicrucian monks (the Zionitic Brotherhood in Ephrata, Pennsylvania); a WARNING to the White Race ("Nephites") of America, to repents of their sins and materialism, or face the Wrath of God at the hands of the "Latin peoples" (Lamanites) who shall become the great majority in America. This great destruction will occur in the 24th century (2300s).

The Son of God will "become flesh" seven times on this planet, according to Xorol R. Oliver. In her Lectures in Kosmonic Science she even lists Them as:

Adam (Adapa of Eridu)


Aye Son of Yuya (Pharaoh)

Jesus of Nazareth

The Imam Ali (first Shi'ite Imam)

'Abdu'l-Baha (Son of Baha'u'llah)

The 7th Angel (will come in the 24th century)

Jesus was "unique" among these Seven, because the Holy Ghost dwelt "in" Him from His baptism in the Jordan River, to His death. Thus, Jesus was not only the Son of God, but the "Father" (Holy Ghost) in the flesh; because the Father (Holy Ghost) dwelt "in" Him like water in a glass. One of Jesus' disciples said: "Show us the Father". Jesus said: "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father". The Father (Holy Ghost) dwelt "in" Jesus, like water in a glass. This is what The Book of Mormon teaches: the Father is "Spirit" and the Son is "flesh" and "They" become "one" in the Man "Jesus Christ": the "Father and the Son".

Mormons TODAY are taught that the Father is an exalted/resurrected White Man, and cannot dwell in another man, and cannot "get out" of His resurrected body. The Book of Mormon, in Mosiah chapter 15, teaches the opposite: that the Father is "Spirit" and the Son was "flesh" and they become ONE in "Jesus Christ" (Mosiah chapter 15--from The Book of Mormon).

In his Lectures on Faith Joseph Smith proclaimed "the Father is a Personage of Spirit" and "the Son is a Personage of Tabernacle" (Lecture Fifth). The Lectures on Faith was the "Doctrine" in the "Book of Doctrine of Covenants". Church leaders removed the Lectures on Faith from the Book of Doctrine and Covenants in 1908; without explanation.

The 7th Angel will come sometime in the 24th century, and be instrumental in establishing World Peace, and the Kingdom of God on Earth. Mormons today are taught that the Church and the Kingdom of God on Earth is the same thing. But, early Mormon leaders taught the opposite: that the Church was established to "prepare the way" for the Kingdom of the Father, which would arrive "like a mustard seed" in the year 1891, and then get larger over time, until finally the Kingdom of the Father had universal power over this planet.

Mormons today are taught that the Celestial Kingdom is something only "on the other side of the veil". This is not true. Early Mormon leaders taught that the Kingdom of the Father would be the Celestial Kingdom ON EARTH. The Celestial Kingdom exists in heaven, but also on Earth, beginning in the year 1891; according to early Mormon leaders. Mormon leaders TODAY teach differently. The doctrines of Mormonism "change" throughout the decades. Joseph Smith and early Mormon leaders believed that "Jehovah" and "Elohim" were the same Being, and that Jesus is the Son of Jehovah; not Jehovah Himself. Mormonism TODAY teaches that Jesus is Jehovah, and Elohim is the Father of Jehovah. Mormonism changes and evolves. The Truth does not.

Mormons and other Christians are taught that Jesus will only be on this planet two times: first as Jesus of Nazareth, born of Mary, and a second time also as Jesus Christ; Who will descend from the sky on a cloud, or riding a cloud, or perhaps suspended in a cloudy sky.

Q. Where does the Bible say that Jesus will only appear on Earth two times?

A. Nowhere.

Q. Where does it say in Latter-day Revelation (Book of Mormon, D&C, etc.) that Jesus will only appear on Earth two times?

A. Nowhere.

Q. Why do Mormons, and other Christians, believe that Jesus will only appear twice on this planet?

A. Don't know.


Lyman Wight was one of the original apostles of the Church of Christ (the original name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). He was chosen to be an Apostle by the Three Witnesses (Martin Harris, David Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery). In 1832 Lyman Wight made this prophecy:

"And the Spirit fell upon Lyman Wight and he prophesied that there were some in the congregation that should live until the Savior should descend from heaven." (The Life of Joseph Smith the Prophet, p.113)
Lyman made that prophecy in 1832. Was it fulfilled? The Reader will say: "No, it was a false prophecy. Everyone living then is long dead." We say: "YEA verily, it was a true prophecy! It was fulfilled to the letter!"

Many Patriarchal Blessings by Joseph Smith Sr., Oliver Cowdery, and others, promised some of the Saints that if they were faithful they would "live until the Savior appeared". A sample of 560 patriarchal blessings from 1839 to 1899 reveal that 57 Members of the Church were prophetically promised that they would remain alive until the Second Coming (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Fall 1993, pp.9-21).

Lyman Wight was an Apostle, and Joseph Smith approved of his prophecy.

Was Lyman Wight a false Prophet/Seer/Revelator? Were the Patriarchal Blessings, most of which were given by Joseph Smith Sr., the Patriach of the Church, also false?

No! They were true! The Savior came to His temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, as a thief in the night on Sunday, Sept. 28th, 1912. Some of the children in the congregation of 1832 that Lyman was addressing were still alive in 1912 (80 years later) and living in Salt Lake City!

If the Sixth Incarnation of the WORD of God came to Utah in 1912, would you want to know about it? Would you want to see a photograph of Him? Would you like to know His name? Would you like to know what He taught? If so...keep reading.

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