Left: Moroni giving Joseph Smith the gold plates Right: a description of Moroni by David and Mary Whitmer

THE 6th INCARNATION OF THE WORD OF GOD came to Salt Lake City in late September 1912, and knocked on the East Door of the Salt Lake Temple. He came from Palestine, and worked many miracles. We're going to tell you Who He was, what His name was. We're going to show you His prophecies, and His teachings, what religion He belonged to. But...bear with us! Before we get to that, there is some vital information you need to know first!

According to Xorol R. Oliver, in her Lectures in Kosmonic Science, the Book of Mormon is not a "history"" of Jews in American America, but a "prophetic parable" about the future of America; then the "Latin races" (Hispanics/Lamanites) shall rise up and "utterly destroy" the "white race" (Nephites). Why? Why were the Nephites in The Book of Mormon utterly destroyed; save only a "few"? According to The Book of Mormon, the LORD "used" the Lamanites (lay-man-nights) to destroy the Nephites (nee-fights) because:

*The Nephites rejected the true prophets who condemned their sins and hypocrisy, and followed the false prophets who told them "smooth words" (things they wanted to hear).

*The Nephites practiced "abominations" that included polygamy, and "concubinage" (modern names: polyamory, wife swapping, mistresses, pornogrphy).

*The Nephites became lovers of Mammon (wealth, riches) and forgot the things of God.

Do you see a parallel between the Nephites and modern white America?

When Xorol R. Oliver said in 1030 that the "Latin peoples" were to become the great majority in America, people laughed at her. At that time, Hispanics made up perhaps 2% or less of the U.S. population. Now, Hispanics make up 17% of the U.S. population, and, by 2050, Hispanics will be the majority of the U.S. population. By the 2300s, when the "Final Battle" will take place, the White population of America will be very small: like the Nephites in The Book of Mormon. Like the Nephites, the White People of America will build walled cities, with great battlements of earth around them, to protect themselves. It won't be enough.

The "Lamanites" are a "symbol" of the Hispanic people in America's future, and the "Nephites" are a "symbol" of the White Race in America's future. And the future is bleak for the White Race!

In The Book of Mormon the Jaredite race is utterly exterminated, save for 'one" man! The Jaredite race is a symbol of the Black Race in America, that will become extinct in America, because of the race wars, and because of disease, but many will resettle in Africa, and the United States of Africa will become a world power: according to Xorol R. Oliver and his visions.

The DNA research has been done: American Indians are NOT the descendants of Lehi the Jew, and Ishmael the Arab! They have ZERO Jewish or Arab ancestry. Nothing. Not a drop. Their DNA, languages, customs, and native religions, can all be traced back to central and eastern Siberia; not to ancient Israel. Sorry....but THAT is the TRUTH!

The Prophetess Xorol R. Oliver, "knew" the TRUTH about The Book of Mormon back in the 1930s. She "knew" nobody would ever find any Nephite coins, or Nephite cities, or the bones of ancient horses, and asses, and oxen, and cows, before the Spanish came to America. She "knew" that. She also "knew" who wrote The Book of Mormon, and why. It was not written to "make money" as Anti-Mormons claim. It was written as a WARNING TO WHITE AMERICA, to repent of their sins....or else!

The Book of Mormon As Prophetic Parable

I truly believe that The Book of Mormon is true, but not historical. It is a prophetic parable written by holy men, Rosicrucian monks who lived in Euphata, Pennsylvania, in the late 1700s.

Charles Penrose was a Mormon Apostle and a member of the First Presidency of the Church in the 1920s. He was sent a letter asking if The Book of Jonah was historical, or just a parable. A Brigham Young University professor wrote him, because students were asking him that question. In that book, Jonah is commanded to go to Nineveh to preach against the city, not as a Prophet but as a Warner, like Samuel the Lamanite. Jonah thinks if he does this he will be killed. So, he gets on a ship headed the other direction, but there is a storm, and he is thrown overboard. A "great fish" swallows him, takes him to the beach, and belches him on shore, telling him to obey the Lord. Jonah goes, preaches, and the city repents. Mormons were taught this was literal history. But, some intellectual Mormons in the 1920s were having trouble believing it was literal, because of the "talking whale" thing, so they asked President Penrose, who wrote back:

"The story [of Jonah] is one of those parables common in the writing of the time....It does not matter whether that is actually the case or not, the purpose and intent of the book are excellent and have several grand lessons. It is of little significance whether Jonah was real individual or one chosen [as a character] by the writer of the book to write what is set forth therein." (quoted in BYU: A House of Faith, 1985 p.50)
According to Penrose, who was sustained as a "Prophet/Seer/Revelator" the Book of Jonah was a non-historical parable, but, nevertheless, inspired of God. This probably pleased the BYU professor.

Mormons have been taught from birth of the Church that The Book of Mormon is literal history. As a young convert to the Church in the early 1980s, I was told that the Nephites were the Indians of North America, and the Lamanites were the Indians of South America, and they met at the narrow neck of land (Panama) to fight, and that the Lamanites chased the Nephites up to the Hill Cumorah in New York State, and killed them all, millions of them, at that Hill near the Smith farm. Since that time, I've discovered that the Hill Cumorah has been checked with ground-penetrating radar, and there are no skeletons, no swords, no arrows, no breatplates, no shards of Nephite pottery from the millions of clay vessels they kept their water and wine in, no remains of the millions of baskets they kept their food in, no remains of the millions of Nephite and Lamanite dead. Not one bone. Not one piece of human bone. Not one "fragment" of bone of a horse, or an ass, or an ox, or a cow,or a goat, or a sheep! Not one piece of pottery they kept their water in. Not even an arrowhead. Nothing.

Mormon apologists are now trying to place the Hill Cumorah in Mexico or South America. But, again, the "Nephites" have completely disappeared. Not one skeleton, not one piece of cloth, not one piece of pottery, not one city, not one village, "nothing" has been found of their remains. Nothing.

After tens of thousands of man-hours, and 35 years, studying the pros and cons of whether the book was historical or not, I've come to conclude that the evidence for it being "not historical" is massive, conclusive, and irrefutable!

But, if The Book of Jonah is "inspired fiction" could The Book of Mormon be the same?

Xorol ("ksor-rawl") R. Oliver taught that The Book of Mormon was divinely-inspired fiction; a prophetic parable about America. It was written, over a period of time, according to her, by Rosicrucian monks who lived in Pennsylvania. They wore all white, and they believed they were the reincarnation of biblical figures; such as John the Baptist, and the Apostles of Jesus, etc. Peter Whitmer Sr., the father of David Whitmer and seven of the "Eight Witnesses" to The Book of Mormon, grew up next to the commune where these monks lived, in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

The monks had a round wooden temple, and an altar in the middle of it, and they prayed kneeling around the altar, and the female monks wore veils while they prayed. The spoke German, but also studied Latin and English. Roman Catholic monks learned Latin, and wrote in Latin. They often wrote in Latin, using Tironian short-hand; invented by an ancient Roman scribe named Tiro, who used Latin, Greek, and Hieratic Egyptian symbols to formulate a short-hand in which one letter means an entire word. The monks of the Order of Zion were former Catholic monks, and they spoke Latin, wrote in Latin, and sometimes used Tironian shorthand Latin. Some of these monks became Protestants, and married. Some of these monks became Rosicrucians, and remained monks, and formed their own "order" of monks called "The Order of Zion".

During the Dark Ages, some Catholic monks and nuns became Protestants. Some of these became "mystical Christians" otherwise known as "Rosicrucians"; whose symbol was a rose on a cross. Some of these Rosicrucian monks formed an order called "The Order of Zion" with a monastery at what is now Mormont (pronounced "Mor-mawn"), Belgium. Most of the monks were German speakers. Because of threats from the Catholic Church, the monks sell their monastery, and "flee to the wilderness" of America. Specifically, Pennsylvania, in the 1680s. Pennsylvania was founded by Quakers for the express purpose of providing "refuge" for persecuted sects in Europe, such as the Quakers and others, which were being persecuted in Europe by Catholics and Protestants alike.

The Order of Zion built a wooden temple on what they call "Zion Hill". They believe they are the "Woman Clothed With the Sun" in the Book of Revelation (Apocalyse), who is chased into the Wilderness by the Seven-headed Red Dragon. For the monks, the Seven-headed Red Dragon is the Roman Catholic Church. Rome was built upon seven hills. To these monks, the Roman Catholic Church, which has killed tens of thousands of Protestants and Rosicrucians, is the great and abominable "church of the Devil".

The aim of the Order of Zion was to establish the City of New Jerusalem somewhere on the American continent. The monks at Ephrata claimed to have the "Melchizedek Priesthood" and they baptized the living on behalf of the dead. They changed their name to the "Zionitic Brotherhood".

The first edition of The Book of Mormon referred to Mary as "the Mother of God"; a common term for Mary used by Roman Catholics and Rosicrucians, but not by Protestants. In the second printing, Joseph Smith changed "the Mother of God" to "the Mother of the Son of God". Joseph Smith was, at one time, a Methodist, and so calling Mary "the Mother of God" simply would not do.

According to Xorol, "Moroni" was one of these Rosicrucian monks, and Joseph Smith Jr. was chosen because he was able to find lost and stolen property by looking into a stone in his hat. Joseph Smith Sr., seeing Joseph's ability, did use his son to search for buried pirate treasure, so that they would make money to buy meat in the Winter when there was no work. Joseph Smith Jr. told his close friend, Peter Ingersoll, that his father and his father's friends "forced me to peep" and that he (Joseph Jr.) didn't like doing it, but he had to obey his father. It is rather absurd to assume that Joseph Smith Jr., at age 14, was the "leader" of the Money-Diggers; all of them adult men except for young Joseph. But, there is evidence that when Joseph Smith Jr. got older, he did revert to "peeping" from time to time when he really needed money. He only stopped this when Isaac Hale, his father-in-law, pleaded with him to stop.

David Whitmer, son of Peter Whitmer Sr., and one of the Three Witnesses, was interviewed by Mormon leaders in the 1880s. According to David Whitmer, he saw Moroni, as an old man wearing a brown suit with a knapsack, on the road from Harmony Pennsylvania to Fayette New York, when David went to pick up Joseph and Oliver in Pennsylvania and bring them back to New York. David said:

When I was returning to Fayette, with Joseph and Oliver, all of us riding in the wagon, Oliver and I on an old fashioned wooden spring seat and Joseph behind us; while traveling along in a clear open place, a very pleasant, nice-looking old man suddenly appeared by the side of our wagon and saluted us with 'good morning, it is very warm,' at the same time wiping his face or forehead with his hand. We returned the salutation, and, by a sign from Joseph, I invited him to ride if he was going our way. But he said very pleasantly, 'No, I am going to Cumorah.' This name was something new to me, I did not know what Cumorah meant. We all gazed at him and at each other, and as I looked around enquiringly of Joseph, the old man instantly disappeared, so that I did not see him again. He was, I should think, about five feet eight or nine inches tall and heavy set, about such a man as James Vancleave there, but heavier; his face was as large, he was dressed in a suit of brown woolen clothes, his hair and beard were white, like Brother Pratt's, but his beard was not so heavy. I also remember that he had on his back a sort of knapsack with something in, shaped like a book. It was the messenger who had the plates, who had taken them from Joseph just prior to our starting from Harmony." (Interview of David Whitmer in 1878 by Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith)
David Whitmer also said that his mother saw Moroni in their barn in Fayette, New York:

"Soon after our [Joseph, Oliver, and David] arrival home [in Fayette], I saw something which led me to the belief that the plates were placed or concealed in my father's barn. I frankly asked Joseph if my supposition was right, and he told me it was. Sometime after this, my mother was going to milk the cows, when she was met out near the yard by the same old man (judging by her description of him) who said to her: ‘You have been very faithful and diligent in your labors, but you are tired because of the increase of your toil; it is proper therefore that you should receive a witness that your faith may be strengthened.’ Thereupon he showed her the plates. My father and mother had a large family of their own, the addition to it therefore of Joseph, his wife Emma and Oliver very greatly increased the toil and anxiety of my mother. And although she had never complained she had sometimes felt that her labor was too much, or at least she was perhaps beginning to feel so. This circumstance, however, completely removed all such feelings and nerved her up for her increased responsibilities.” (“Report of Elders Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith,” Millennial Star 40 (9 Dec 1878):772-73 as taken from Testimony of the Book of Mormon Witnesses by Preston Nibley)

According to David Whitmer "Moroni" was a mortal man, an old portly man, who wore a brown suit, and had a knapsack, and showed his mother Mary Whitmer the plates. He appeared as an old man, in a brown suit, with a knapsack, walking on the road to Fayetteville, and Joseph said: "That was Moroni!" According to Xorol R. Oliver, "Moroni" was a old Rosicrucian monk. The "plates" were real, and Tironian Latin symbols are based mostly on hieratic Egyptian symbols. Joseph Smith's narrative about Moroni giving him "plates with the appearance of gold" (polished brass has the appearance of gold) and the characters on them were written in "Reformed Egyptian" is true, but not in the "way" you've been brought up to believe.

Why were you never told this growing up in the Church? Because The Brethren did not think it important for you to know. Remember, the Brethren believe that "not all truth is helpful"(i.e. some things you shouldn't be told about it...for your own good!).

According to Xorol ("ksor-rawl"), the "Nephites" were a symbol of the white race in America, and the "Lamanites" a symbol of the "Latin races". White Americans have a "little" Jewish blood in them, because Anglo-Saxons have a "little" Jewish blood in them. The Anglo-Saxon language has quite a few Hebrew words in it. All Hispanic peoples have a little Jewish blood, because, during the Dark Ages, Jews in Spain were forced to convert to Roman Catholicism. After that, their children married Christian children, and, over hundreds of years, that Jewish blood flowed throughout the Spanish, and the Spanish "mated" with American Indian tribes, and this is where the Hispanics come from. So, both Anglos and Hispanics have "Jewish" blood in them, in very small amounts.

So The Book of Mormon is about "the house of Israel" in America, but not in the way you were taught to believe. Pure-blooded native American Indians have absolutely no Semitic blood in them. They are not the children of Lehi the Jew nor Ishmael the Arab. Massive amounts of DNA studies have been done, and it is absolutely conclusive. Mormon apologists who say that "DNA is really in its infancy" are either lying, or believing lies they are told and repeating them. Pure-blooded native Americans are Asians, with hairless bodies, Mongolian folds in their eyes, and they are born with a blue "Mongolian spot" on their tailbones; just like all East Asians are. They have "zero" Jewish ancestry. Of course, Hispanics today, who are part Spanish and part American Indian, do have "some" Jewish ancestry/DNA, because of their Spanish blood, not because of their American Indian blood.

Moroni could not have been an ancient American Jew, because the "Nephites" did not exist. Not one Nephite potshard has been found. Not one city. Not one piece of Nephite cloth. The Hill Cumorah in New York State has been checked with ground-penetrating radar. Not one dead Nephite or Lamanite has been found there. Not one arrowhead. Not one sword. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The Nephites never lived in ancient America. Neither did cows, or oxen, or asses, or sheep, or rideable horses. The Nephites are a "symbol" for the white race in America. The "talking snake" never existed, but was a "symbol" of the Cobra-crown worn by Eyptian kings and queens; symbolic of the Wisdom of the Gods by which they ruled. Adam's "rib" was not a rib from a chest, but a "rib" from some place else. The "forbidden fruit" was not an apple or fig.

Are you beginning to "get it" now?

You ask: WHY would the Zionitic Brotherhood "hide" the fact that The Book of Mormon was a parable? You must understand that Rosicrucians in Europe were burned alive if caught by the Inquisition. They were also killed by some Protestants, for being "heretics". They learned to live by "code" and "cipher" and deception in order to survive. Yet, they felt they were the "Woman Clothed With the Sun" and they had a Divine Command to build the City of New Jerusalem in the "Wilderness" of America. Being less than a thousand, and poor, they knew they had no hope of achieving this goal themselves. They would have to unite the Protestant sects into one "Church of Christ" and convert the Indian tribes, to help build the City. And the Church of Christ would have a mandate to build such a City. Only then could the City of New Jerusalem be built, and the very reason and purpose for the Ziontic Brotherhood would be fulfilled.

And it is, ironically, either by Divine Providence or "pure chance" that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with all of its non-taxed businesses, now valued in the tends of billions, will one day have the money to build such a City on this, the American Continent. When that day happens, and it will, the pious goal of the little Ziontic Brotherhood nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania, will be fulfilled!


In The Book of Mormon, Jesus visits the Nephites after some major natural disasters, and there is peace for 400 years. Then, the Nephites become prideful, and greedy, and materialistic, and practice "whoredoms" and "abominations" and they reject the true Prophets and Warners (like Samuel the Lamanite) sent to them. They have wars with the Lamanites, who are now the great majority in the land. Xorol believed that the Sixth Incarnation of the Word of God came to Salt Lake City as a thief in the night in September, 1912. Four hundred years after this visit, the Lamanites (Hispanic) will have one great final battle with the Nephites (whites), and the whites will be exterminated; save a small remnant. This is the "warning" of The Book of Mormon. We are "warned"; meaning we can change our fate if we "repent" and accept the true Prophets and Warners. By 2312 A.D., the white race will be a very small minority in America. Even today (2015), white elementary school students are a minority in America. It's already happening. The Democratic party, hoping for total power, wants 200 million illegals from Latin America into this country, who will vote Democratic. Most Republican candidates are sponsored by "big business" who want the cheap and reliable labor of illegal workers. Illegal workers don't join labor unions. Only one party, the Americans First Party (AFP), wants to stop all illegal immigration, and most legal immigration, but they very few supporters. So, it appears to be inevitable, that the white race will become a small minority in the next fifty to 100 years. Certainly, by 2312 A.D., the white race in America will be all but extinct.

Why would God allow such a massacre Such things are the result of pride, racism, arrogance, greed, and sexual abominations. With every action there is a reaction. Whites did "take" the lands away from the native Americans, often by force. Whites did enslave blacks for hundreds of years, and then kept them segregated and powerless so as to become wealthy off of their cheap labor. When blacks were allowed to vote again and join labor unions, whites then allowed the influx of tens of millions of illegal aliens, who could not vote or join labor unions, for the purpose of becoming more wealthy off their cheap labor. The city of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D. for the same reasons. Pride comes before the fall. The "guilty blood" of the greedy white men who did these things, is inherited by their children, and their children, and their children, and their children, even unto the tenth generation, and the tenth generation, that "guilty blood" is distributed eventually to the entire white population, save only a few. In the Bible, the Ammonites are cursed "even unto the tenth generation". The Moabites are cursed "even unto the tenth generation". The same is true for the white race in America; because of greed, love of wealth, "pride of their skins" (BOM), materialism, sexual abominations, and their following false prophets and rejection of true prophets and warners.

In the eternities, a son is not punished for the sins of his father, nor are descendants punished for the sins of their ancestors, but, on Earth, they are punished, because "blood guilt" lasts for ten generations (Deuteronomy 23:2-4). Only perhaps thirty or so Jews were responsible for Jesus being tortured and crucified. Yet, over thousands of years, their descendants marry others, and that "blood guilt" is transferred to more and more individuals, until, over thousands of years, millions inherit that "blood guilt" and thus the "Divine Wrath". Only a relative few white men were guilty of slave-trading or keeping slaves, or lynchings, or Jim Crow, or giving native Americans blankets laced with smallpox. Yet, over centuries, their children marry others, and their "blood guilt" is inherited and transferred to many thousands, then millions. Again, in the Afterlife, the son does not pay for the sins of his father. But, in this life, we do, unto the tenth generation. This is what the Bible teaches; that we "inherit" the sins of our fathers, even unto the tenth generation. If "that" is not true, then the Bible is not true.

In the Afterlife, we each pay for our "own" sins, and not for Adam's sin, nor the sins of our own ancestors. But, in this life, we "inheirit" the sins of our fathers, and will can "pay" for those sins, even unto the tenth generation.

White Mormons are told from birth "you are good, your are pure, you are the sons and daughters of God, you are the Elect, the Chosen" and they believe this. They can't believe that God would be wrathful upon them, especially not for something their ancestors did. But, you must understand, that "blood guilt" is transferred, and there is Divine Wrath upon it. When Jesus was crucified, a small number of Jews, perhaps only a dozen, mocked Him, and slapped Him, jeered, and "If you be the Son of God, come down from the Cross" and they also said "Let his blood be upon us and our children". Fifty years later, the Romans sacked Jerusalem, killing most of its population, and enslaving the rest. That was God's Divine Wrath. This is what the Bible teaches. That is what The Book of Mormon teaches; whether you like or, or accept it, or not. According to the Seeress (Xorol) God's Divine Wrath is upon the white race in America, and that race will be utterly destroyed, unless it repents. And I see "no sign" of that. The White Race "loves" its gold, and its harlots (pornography), and its cars, and its glorious homes, and its fine linen, and its jewelry, and their gladiator spectacles (sports), while at the same time ignoring the widow, and the orphan, and the homeless.


Some of you may think: What about the black race in America? Did Xorol say anything about them? According to Xorol, the "Negro race" will lose employment and means of support to the "Latin peoples" and riot and burn down cities, and then many will be placed in "open prisons" (concentration camps?) and there will be "wars" between the Latin peoples and the "Negroes" and between the "Negroes" and whites as well. Then a "plague" will wipe out a large percentage of the "Negroes" in Africa. Many of the American "Negroes" will resettle or will be resettled in Africa over a period of about a hundred years, and form a "United States of Africa" that "will become a world power" on that continent. The "Negroes" who remain in America will be absorbed either into the white race or by the "Latin peoples" except for a small remnant.

Most young black males and females in America cannot find jobs, because most American manufacturing jobs have been sent to China, and India, and Indonesia, and Latin America, and the forty million "undocumented workers" already in America have taken just about all the unskilled and low-skilled jobs. It is becoming more and more difficult for African-Americans to find employment unless they have a college degree, and only 4% of blacks born in "ghettos" go on to get college degrees. Many young blacks in the ghettos are told that getting college degrees is useless, since "The Man" won't give them a chance anyway. So, they give up before they try, and turn to gangs and crime and drugs, and the young black women in the ghettos usually pregnant as teenagers; knowing that as long as they have more babies, the government will keep supporting them. This "cycle of dependency" on tax-payer support only grows, and continues generation after generation, with no end in sight. The Democratic Party wants this, because they have tens of millions of "professional voters" dependent upon the government. They want the 40 million "undocumented workers" to become American voters. Why? To vote for Democrats! The Republican candidates are supported by "big business" who sent the jobs overseas in the first place, to make more money. This is called "GREED"! Only the America First Party has a "solution" to this problem, but they have very little support, and little support means "no power". The Democrats and Republicans have all the power, and they are the ones who "put us" in this predicament, and they have no intention of changing it; because the "status quo" gives them power and vast riches. Bill and Hilary Clinton now have hundreds of millions of dollars. Why? Did the job of President "pay" that well? But is it is NOT only the Democrats at fault, the Republicans are equally at fault; because the men and women who run these parties want "power and money". You can do anything with money! The problem will only grow until the government collapses under its weight and the U.S. government goes bankrupt. At that time, it's every man and women for his/herself. As soon as the tens or hundreds of millions who are dependent on the government for their food and heating are left without either, because the government has gone bankrupt, then the "race wars" shall begin.

Most Mormons are Republicans, whose candidates tell them "When we get into office, we're going to stop illegal immigration, and reduce taxes, bring jobs back to America!" and the Mormons say "Great!" and vote for them, and then the Republicans get into office, and do nothing to stop illegal immigration, and do nothing to get jobs back to America, but agree to send jobs away from America, and agree to "ignore" illegal immigration; because the major financial contributors to these Republicans are "big business" who, when these Republicans retire from office, put them on "boards" where they make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just to attend four meetings a year. It's about MONEY! As the Bible says: "The love of MONEY is the root of all evil!" (1 Timothy 6:10). Mormons keep being lied to by men greedy for money and power, and Mormons just keep believing the lies with no end in sight!

In The Book of Mormon the Nephites believe the "fattery" of the false prophets, and stone the true prophets and warners (like Samuel the Lamanite) that God sends them. They never "repent" and this is why the Lord lets the Lamanites utterly destroy them.

Note: In the 1930s "Negro" was a respectable term for a black person, so Xorol was not being rude by using the term "Negro".


Mormons who have "studied" the historicity of The Book of Mormon in any great detail, most often come away from that study believing that the book cannot be historical. Many of these men and women leave the Church. Some stay for "family" reasons. All the evidence is against the book being historical (read "Letter to a CES Letter" by Jeremy Runnells online to see the evidence). After evaluating the evidence, not all leave the Church. Many stay because they wish to retain their marriages, and family relations, for business reasons if they live in Utah, or simply because they love the Church and enjoy being in it.

One of the great defenders of the Church, and The Book of Mormon, was Prof. Hugh Nibley of Brigham Young University. He was the ipso facto "Defender of the Church" from the 1940s through the 1990s. After his death, many people came forward and said he told them, in confidence ("Shhhhhh...don't tell anybody I told you this, but...."), that he didn't believe The Book of Mormon was historical, but he defended it, and stayed in the Church, for family reasons and because he worked for the Church. The Church paid his salary, and his pension. If he left the Church, his Mormon wife would divorce him, and the Church would fire him. We cannot know for sure that Nibley told people that, but that is what some people are claiming he told them. Mormon scholars who have spent years "reviewing" Nibley's exhaustive notes in his published books, have come to the conclusion that up to 80% of Nibley's quotes and footnote in his books and articles are misleading, or, in some cases, simply do not exist. Some people feel that Hugh Nibley was an atheist, who remained in the Church, pretending to be a TBM (true believing Mormon) for family and business reasons. This wouldn't be the first time, nor the last.

A certain percentage of "generational Mormons" are "Pretenders". They are agnostics or atheists, but "pretend" to be true-believing Mormons for family reasons or business reasons. If they revealed their true selves to their Mormon families, they would be shunned. People who become ex-Mormons in Utah can face losing a job, or not getting a job, if the owner/manager is a TBM (true-believing Mormon). Many gay and lesbian Mormon youth are "pretenders"; at least until they finish college and become independent. The Pretenders don't feel they are hypocrites at all. They feel that circumstances "force" them to "Pretend". I had a missionary companion who was a atheist, coming out on a mission because his bishop promised to hire him as an insurance salesman if he did. I've known men who were baptized into the Church only to marry a sexy Mormon woman, or were baptized to keep their Mormon wife "happy"; but did not believe in God or Jesus at all. There are quite a few Pretenders in Mormon culture.

Thomas Ferguson was an attorney and active Mormon. He founded the New World Archaeological Society in the late 1950s, in order to get financing for "digs" in Mexico and Central America, to find evidence to support The Book of Mormon. He expected it would only take a few years to find the Nephite cities, Nephite coins, and Nephite remains. Ferguson did tens of thousands of hours of his own research, trying to find "proof" that The Book of Mormon was true (i.e. historical). He wrote letters to hundreds of archeologists, and spoke for a decade to the archaeologists of his own New World Archaeological Foundation. Finally, by 1970, Ferguson had decided that the evidence against The Book of Mormon being "history" was irrefutable. He concluded that Joseph Smith wrote it himself, was a fraud, and "no man has a pipeline to eternity". He wrote letters to anti-Mormons telling them this, and that he had become a Atheist. However, he added that he remained in the Church, pretending to be a good Mormon, because he thought the Church was a "the greatest fraternity on the planet" and because if he left the Church his Mormon wife would divorce him, take half his wealth, and their children with her.

Many ex-Mormons think this way:

"Since The Book of Mormon is not historical it follows that it can't be from God so it follows that Joseph Smith was a fraud so it follows that any man who claims to speak to God must also be a fraud so it follows that there can be no God or gods!"

For most ex-Mormons, the above "line of reasoning" is perfectly logical, and perfectly reasonable. I disagree.

This author (A.E. Moss) studied the evidence, pro and con, for The Book of Mormon being historical, over a period of 35 years. Tens of thousands of man-hours. I let the evidence lead me, instead of "leading the evidence" as many Mormon apologists do. I cold come to only one conclusion based upon the evidence (facts)! The evidence is massive, conclusive, and irrefutable: The Book of Mormon is a work of fiction. All the "facts" are against it being historical: DNA, animals, plants, archeology, languages, anachronisms in the book, translation errors in the book that the brass plates owned by Lehi would not have had, etc. The book is fiction! The only question now is: "inspired" fiction (a prophetic parable) or "uninspired" fiction (written to make money)? Mormons who leave the Church after having "studied" the evidence, pro and con, come to this conclusion: fiction written to make money. They often become Atheists or at least Agnostics. On the other hand, I believe it is "inspired" fiction, like The Book of Jonah and The Book of Job or "The Story of Adam and Eve" in Genesis. I believe the monks at Ephrata were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write it, and Joseph Smith was "inspired" to translate it. This is what Xorol believed and taught, based upon her communications with the Spirit-World.

I believe that The Book of Mormon is TRUE; not because it is historical (which it isn't), but because its doctrines are true, and it is a true "prophetic parable" about America and its future "if" the white race does not "repent" of its greed and racism and materialism and "abominations" and follow the true Prophets.


Mormons are raised to believe that the leaders of the LDS Church are the "true Prophets" on Earth today. Yet, where are their prophecies? Where are the accounts of their supernatural visions? Where are their "Thus saith the Lord" Revelations like the ones Joseph Smith Jr. received? They are....nowhere. They do not exist. Why? You are not allowed to ask that question! Why not? You are now allowed to ask that question either!

Do you trust the teachings of LDS Church leaders after Joseph Smith Jr.? They taught (at one time)....

*Sun and Moon inhabited
*Negroes cursed and inferior children of Cain and denied priesthood in mortality
*Adam made from clay
*Eve made from one of his ribs
*No death anywhere on Earth before Adam and Eve ate the fig
*Talking snake tempts naked white woman with a fig
*Interracial couples and their children must be killed
*Adam is the Father of our spirits
*Adam is NOT the Father of our spirits
*God the Father came down and had sex with His spirit-daughter Mary
*Jesus to return before all those living in 1832 were dead
*Lamanites (American Indians) will become white after they join the Church
*Negroes will, at best, be eternal servants to white Mormons in the Celestial Kingdom
*Negroes are "the representatives of the Devil on Earth" (taught by John Taylor, LDS Church President, in General Conference)
*(Today) Negroes NOT the children of Cain and a black skin NOT the mark of the Curse of Cain
*Men will never walk on the Moon

Many Mormons lived, and died, believing what "The Brethren" taught them as "eternal gospel truths". They put their faith in these men, believing these men spoke for God.

Do you "believe" in the above teachings? Because Presidents of the LDS Church taught all those things, at one time. If these men were "false prophets" then how can their successors, the current "Brethren", be "true" prophets?

Where are their prophecies? Where are their visions? Where are their Revelations? You....cannot...even...ask those questions! The author of this article and others have tried asking those questions, by sending letters to the First Presidency. In response, our bishops tap us on the shoulder in Sacrament meeting and say: "Can you come see me in my office later?" In the office the bishops always say the same thing which is:

"You're been writing to the Brethren. Do not do this again. Do you masturbate? Why are you asking such questions? If you were living the Gospel, you wouldn't be asking such questions. We don't have the authority to ask the Brethren anything. You are to cease writing such letters immediately! If you do not obey this counsel, there may be disciplinary action against you! Look, don't worry about it, the Brethren don't need to share with us their visions or revelations. They don't want to cast pearls before swine. Just stop worrying about it. Just pay your tithing, attend your meetings, follow the Brethren, and you'll be blessed. Will you obey this counsel?"

Remember, in "Mormonese" the word "counsel" does not mean "advice" but "order/command".

In June of 2015, Elder Dallin Oaks (a Mormon Apostle) was in Boise, Idaho, before a special Fireside, which was given because many Members are leaving the Church in that area and following a man named Denver Snuffer, who wrote some books criticizing the "mistakes" of past Church leaders. Snuffer was excommunicated. Snuffer continued to give lectures and write books, and thousands of Members have risked excommunication in order to listen to him and read his books. The Fireside was meant to "stop" this. Elder Oaks of the Twelve attended, and during the "question and answer period" after the Fireside, he was asked about the prophets/visions/revelations of The Brethren, and "why" these are not published, as Joseph Smith published his. Elder Oaks responded "We don't want to caste pearls before swine!" Who are the "swine" that they don't want to cast pearls before? Think about that for a moment. Joseph the Seer (Joseph Smith Jr.) had "no problem" in publishing his prophecies/visions/revelations. Why do The Brethren have such a problem? What are they "hiding"? Do they even have any prophecies/visions/revelations at all to publish?

The TRUTH, dear Reader, is that The Brethren make no prophecies, see no supernatural visions, and receive no "Thus saith the Lord" Revelations. They are "prophets" who don't prophesy, "seers" who dont' see, and "revelators" who don't revelate. They are trying to "hide" that from you by saying: "Ah, we just don't want to cast pearls before swine". Who are the "swine" they don't want to cast their pearls before? You are!

Why are you still putting your faith in these men, and giving them 10% or more of your money, and your free labor?


According to Xorol R. Oliver, the true Prophets/Seers/Revelators after Joseph Smith Jr. were Joseph Morris, George Williams, and James Brighouse. All of these men made prophecies, had supernatural visions, and received "Thus saith the Lord" Revelations. All of them comdemned polygamy as an "abomination". All of them published their visions and Revelations for all the world to see, just as Joseph Smith Jr. did.

*Joseph Smith Jr. Published his visions and Revelations for all the world to see.
*Joseph Morris. Published his visions and Revelations for all the world to see.
*George Williams. Published his visions and Revelations for all the world to see.
*James Brighouse. Published his visions and Revelations for all the world to see.

*The Brethren: Have published no visions since 1918. Have published no Revelations since 1847. Have uttered no prophecies since 1888, when Wilford Woodruff, at the dedication of the Manti Temple, said to the Mormons gathered there that day:

"Many sitting in the congregation today will stand in the flesh when the Lord Jesus Christ visits the Zion of God here in the mountains of Israel." (Conference Reports, April 1898, p.57). (Prophesy of Wilford Woodruff, given at the Dedication of the Manti Utah Temple, May 19, 1888)

How many Mormons, sitting in the congregation during the dedication of the Manti, Utah, Temple, are still alive today? Was that a false prophecy by Wilford Woodruff, or, did the Son of God come to Salt Lake City in late September, 1912: when many in the congregation in 1898 where still standing in the flesh?

Questions for the Reader

1) Was that prophecy of Wilford Woodruff, given at the Manti Temple dedication in 1898, "false"? Did it "fail"? Or...was it fulfilled in September, 1912? Remember, this prophecy must be fulfilled before those standing in 1898 at that temple dedication in Manti, Utah, are all dead.

2) How many failed prophecies can a true Prophet have?

3) Why haven't the Brethren published their prophecies, visions, and "Thus Saith the Lord" Revelations, as did Joseph Smith?

4) Why did President Hinckley, when he was asked by TV interviewers years ago "Are you a Prophet?" say "The people sustain me as such" instead of just saying "Yes I am!"?

5) Missionaries tell investigators they must "read and pray about" The Book of Mormon before they can know if it is true or not, so why are you "assuming" that the holy books of Joseph Morris and James Brighouse are "false" without ever reading or praying about them?

6) Could Xorol R. Oliver have been a true Prophetess of God?

7) Have you read and "prayed about" the Revelations of Joseph Morris, or George Williams, or James Brighhouse?

8) Why are you giving 10% of your income, and free labor, to "Prophets" who don't prophesy, "Seers"" who don't see visions, and "Revelators" who don't receive "Thus saith the LORD" Revelations?

9) Is it even "possible" that the Son of God did in fact "come to His temple" in Salt Lake City, in late September, 1912?

You are more than half-way done. More amazing "revelations" in store for you....

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