Which Jesus is "a man like ourselves"?

Jesus suspended on a cloud? (left) Or, Jesus born of a woman? (right)
Which "Jesus" is "a man like ourselves"?

CHRISTIANS believe that Jesus arose in His physical body, and that He has "wounds" in His hands and feet and side, and He will eternally have their wounds, and return with these wounds. We can only hope, they don't hurt.

If we are raised with our "wounds" this would not be a good thing, especially for those who died in fires, or those who died missing limbs here and there. If a beautiful women died in a car accident, and her face is mangled in the accident, will she be resurrected with a mangled face, and have to "live" with that eternally?

Xorol R. Oliver taught that there is no resurrection of the physical body. Dust always returns to dust. Lazarus was raised for three days in a physical body, but he died again and was buried. The resurrection, she taught, was of the astral body, in the Spirit-World. The astral body can only been seen in dreams and visions.

"What did Mary and the disciples see after His death? A spirit? He said a spirit does not have flesh and bone. What did they see? His physical body? They saw the bardo body of Jesus, which lasts for forty-nine days, according to the Buddhist texts. The bardo body is a temporary vehicle, and bears the scares and wounds of the physical body." (Lecture on Kosmonic Science, Sept. 8, 1930)

According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, when a person dies they exist in a "Bardo" (Tibetan: "in-between") body for up to forty-nine days. The Bardo body appears just as the physical body does at death. Then that body is shed as the physical body is at death. This would be good news for Jesus, Who would not have to walk around with scars and wounds for all eternity.


Most Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (i.e. "LDS Church" ) today believe that when Jesus returns He will appear descending from the sky; with thousands of angels blowing trumpets. They believe this because this is what their Sunday school teachers tell them, and what they heard in Seminary (Mormon high-school religion class).

But Joseph Smith taught otherwise:

"When the Savior shall appear we shall see him as he is; as a man like ourselves." (D&C 130:1)

What did he means "like ourselves"? Does this mean He would be male, but in every other respect NOT like ourselves? What did he mean "a man like ourselves?" We hunger, thirst, grow old. Die.

Mormons believe that when Jesus returns, He'll appear sitting on a cloud, or standing on a cloud, or suspended in the sky on a cloudy day. Many angels will appear, blowing trumpets. Does this sound like a "thief in the night" to you?

A typical thief in the night

A "thief in the night" does not come in the daytime, with trumpets blasting, announcing his presence. He comes at night, sneaks in, and sneaks away, without waking up the inhabitants of the house.

What did Jesus mean when He said He could come "as a thief in the night"? He meant His "coming" would be "like" a thief in the night, meaning, the inhabitants of the house would sleep through it, not notice it at all. All they would notice, later, would be missing items in the house.

Joseph Smith said that the Lord would be "as a man like ourselves."

Does "a man like ourselves" mean that He will be male, but have the ability to fly in the sky, appear and disappear at will, walk through walls, spit out fireballs on the wicked, clear Jackson County of all life? What does "a man like ourselves" mean?

In the time of Jesus the Jews expected the Messiah to descend from the sky with mighty angelic armies blowing shofars (ram's horns). But Jesus was born of a woman like everybody else. Jesus was a man like ourselves before His resurrection. Before His resurrection He hungered, thirsted, tired, aged, and died.

Mormons today, like the Jews in Jesus' day, expect the Messiah (i.e. Jesus) to return riding upon a cloud, with thousands of angels blowing trumpets. Is that how a "thief in the night" comes?


Astronomers today (2017) believe in something called "The Procession of the Planets". Simply put, it is the scientific belief that the Sun used to be smaller and weaker, and that the Sun is "growing" and will eventually become a Red Giant, and later it will shrink to the size of the Earth and become a White Dwarf. As the Sun grows and expands outward, the "Zone of Habitation" will also expand outward. In other words, at one time...

The Planet Mercury was in the Zone of Habitation, then the Sun grew in size and strength.

Then the Planet Venus was in the Zone of Habitation, then the Sun grew in size and strength.

Then the Planet Earth was in the Zone of Habitation, but then one day the Sun was grow again in size and strength.

Then Mars will be in the Zone of Habitation, and so on.

In other words, in this Solar System, Mercury is the first planet that had life, then Venus, and now Earth. One day, the oceans of the Earth will burn away, and Earth will be much to hot for life. That day, Mars will be warm and have oceans and life.

The "Procession of the Planets" was UNKNOWN in the days of Joseph Smith, and even in the days of Xorol R. Oliver: the Mormon Prophetess. Science did not know then that the Sun is slowly growing.

Before you read more, please watch this 6 Minute YouTube video about the Expanding Sun. You'll be glad you did!

6 Minute YouTube Video about the Expanding Sun

If Joseph Smith received a Revelation in 1831, that taught the Procession of the Planets, then that would be some "evidence" that he was inspired of God, at least in the year 1831. Xorol R. Oliver taught that Joseph Smith "fell" because of sexual sin, about 1834. David Whitmer believed this, and tried to get Joseph Smith to step down as President of the Church, but Joseph Smith refused. Joseph Smith's "Revelations" after his "fall" include The Book of Abraham, polygamy, the Plurality of Gods, the Kinderhook Plates, and so forth.

If Xorol R. Oliver taught the Procession of the Planets in 1930, then she too was well ahead of science! She claimed to get her information from her visits to the Spirit-World in her Astral Body during out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

In 1930, Xorol R. Oliver said:

"In this solar system, twelve planets shall be man-bearing, but each its season and time. Before we came to this planet, the Earth, we all lived one mortal probation on the planet Venus. Billions of years ago, when the Sun was smaller and weaker than it is today. For you see, the Sun is expanding outward. You see a man who is born a small infant, and he grows to manhood, and from manhood he grows a girth, and so it is with our Sun. It was born weak and small, but has grown over time, and it will continue to grow in size and strength until it has warmed Mars, and the Moons of Jupiter, and until it has reached the 12th planet, and warmed that planet just as the Earth is now warmed by its rays. And mankind shall live on Mars, as it now lives on Earth, when the Sun has expanded, and the oceans of the Earth shall boil away, as they did on Venus, and before that, Mercury, and life shall evolve on Mars at it did on Earth. And Mars too shall suffer the same fate, as the Sun grows a girth, and mankind will evolve on a moon of Jupiter, and later colonize the other Moons, and then the Sun will grow larger, until the very 12th planet in this system with have watery oceans, and snow-capped mountains, and clouds, and rain, and seasons, and then the Sun shall die, like all things die, and Mankind will leave the realm of the physical, and enter a higher realm." (Lectures, p. 47)

When Xorol R. Oliver said that, in 1930, many in her audience must have concluded she was crazy. But, science has only recently "proven" Xorol right...again!

One fuction of Seers is to "de-code" obscure Verses in Revelation. For example, in the Holy Qur'an ("khoor-rawn"), a book accepted by over a billion people as Infallible Divine Revelation, it says:

"Twice You (ALLAH) have caused us to die, and twice You have made us alive again." (Qu'ran 40:11)

What does this Verse mean? Muslim scholars don't know. If you ask Baha'is, they don't know either. However, Xorol Oliver taught that human spirits lived two mortal probations before this planet: once on Mercury, and once on Venus, before coming here. She called this "Consecutive Incarnation".

We believe that human souls have "one mortal life per material planet". This means, we all lived on a planet before this planet! This is called "consecutive incarnation"; one mortal life per material planet.

As the Sun ages it expands outward; getting larger and stronger and hotter. The "Zone of Habitation" also expands outward

Billions of years ago, the Sun was smaller and weaker. The planet "Venus" was in the "Zone of Habitation" as the Earth is now. Venus had continents, and oceans, and "life". We lived on that planet. But, the Sun grew larger and stronger. The oceans of Venus boiled away, and Venus became too hot for any life at all. One day, as the Sun expands outward, Earth will be too hot for life, and the Zone of Habitation will travel to Mars, and the Earth will be as Venus is now.

Billions of years ago Venus was in the "Zone of Habitation" and had oceans and life as the Earth does now

Mercury...our first home. Once had oceans and life when the Sun was young, smaller, and weaker.

Venus....Once had oceans and life when the Sun was smaller and weaker.

Earth....Our current home. Currently in the Zone of Habitation. In several billions years, the Earth will become like Venus is today: to hot for life.

Mars.....The future home of unsaved souls billions of years from now once the Sun expands outward.

But the LORD does not want us to live another mortal life on Mars billions of years from now! The LORD wants us to "escape" from the dark and painful Material Realm (dimension), and enter into the Spiritual Realms (Heaven) at death. But to do that, we must walk the Path of Holiness daily until our soul reaches the 7th Spiritual Station.

The Spiritual Realms or dimensions exist all around us, in the same "space" we occupy. They can see us, but we cannot see them.

Human souls do NOT reincarnate on this material planet! The Divine Souls do! We don't call this "reincarnation" but "return". This is why John the Baptist was the "return" of the "spirit" of Elijah. The spirit that was Elijah "returned" and was born as John son of Zecharias, called "The Baptist".

"Parable of the Twelve Servants (Planets) of the Field" in D&C section 88

In a Revelation of the LORD to Joseph the Seer called "The Parable of the Twelve Servants of the Field" the LORD gives to Joseph Smith a parable on how the "countence of the Lord" (the Sun) visits 12 "kingdoms" (planets), each in their own time and season:

46 Unto what shall I liken these kingdoms, that ye may understand?
47 Behold, all these are kingdoms [planets], and any man who hath bseen any or the least of these hath seen God dmoving in his majesty and power.
48 I say unto you, he hath seen him; nevertheless, he who came unto his own was not comprehended.
49 The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not; nevertheless, the day shall come when you shall comprehend even God, being quickened in him and by him.
50 Then shall ye know that ye have seen me, that I am, and that I am the true light that is in you, and that you are in me; otherwise ye could not abound.
51 Behold, I will liken these kingdoms [planets] unto a man having a field, and he sent forth his servants [planets] into the field [solar system] to dig in the field.
52 And he said unto the first: Go ye and labor in the field, and in the first hour I will come unto you, and ye shall behold the joy of my countenance [Sun/Zone of Habitation]
53 And he said unto the second: Go ye also into the field, and in the second hour I will visit you with the joy of my countenance [Zone of Habitation].
54 And also unto the third, saying: I will visit you;
55 And unto the fourth, and so on unto the twelfth.
56 And the lord of the field [Sun] went unto the first in the first hour, and tarried with him all that hour, and he was made glad with the light of the countenance of his lord [the rays of the Sun].
57 And then he withdrew from the first [Mercury] that he might visit the second also [Venus], and the third [Earth], and the fourth [Mars], and so on unto the twelfth.
58 And thus they all received the light of the countenance of their lord [Rays of the Sun/Zone of Habitation], every man in his hour, and in his time, and in his season—
59 Beginning at the first, and so on unto the alast, and from the last unto the first, and from the first unto the last;
60 Every man [planet] in his own order, until his hour was finished, even according as his lord had commanded him, that his lord might be glorified in him, and he in his lord, that they all might be glorified.
61 Therefore, unto this parable I will liken all these kingdoms [planets], and the inhabitants thereof—every kingdom in its hour [not all at once--over billions of years], and in its time, and in its season, even according to the decree which God hath made." (Doctrine & Covenants section 88)

In other words, the "Countenance of the Lord" (Sun) will expand outward until 12 planets (kingdoms) in our system are all "visited" by the Countenance ; not all at once, but each in the "time and season". The meaning is that the Sun will expand outward until 12 planets in this system are in the "Zone of Habitation" and contain life; not all at the same time, but each in their own "time" and in their own "season".

A total of twelve planets in this system will eventually bare life, and ultimately Mankind. Astronomers have now found planets beyond Pluto.

Titan (a large Moon of Jupiter) as it would look once the Sun becomes a red giant and Titan comes into the Zone of Habitation

Oliver's "Consecutive Incarnation" seems correspond with a Revelation to the Seer Joseph Smith, as just explained. She said:

"Men from this planet will walk upon the Moon, and upon Mars, and other planets in this solar system, and they will send man-like machines to worlds in other systems." (Lectures, p. 7)


According to Xorol R. Oliver, the planet Venus once had oeans and life, when the Sun was smaller and weaker, billions of years ago. In the 1930s, scientists believed that Venus was too hot for life, and never had life. On August 11th, 2016, the online science magazine The Daily Galaxy reported the following:

"Venus may have had a shallow liquid-water ocean and habitable surface temperatures for up to 2 billion years of its early history, according to computer modeling of the planet's ancient climate by scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York. Venus today is a hellish world. It has a crushing carbon dioxide atmosphere 90 times as thick as Earth's. There is almost no water vapor. Temperatures reach 864 degrees Fahrenheit (462 degrees Celsius) at its surface. Scientists long have theorized that Venus formed out of ingredients similar to Earth's, but followed a different evolutionary path.

Measurements by NASA's Pioneer mission to Venus in the 1980s first suggested Venus originally may have had an ocean. However, Venus is closer to the sun than Earth and receives far more sunlight. As a result, the planet's early ocean evaporated, water-vapor molecules were broken apart by ultraviolet radiation, and hydrogen escaped to space. With no water left on the surface, carbon dioxide built up in the atmosphere, leading to a so-called runaway greenhouse effect that created present conditions.

The findings, published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, were obtained with a model similar to the type used to predict future climate change on Earth.

"Many of the same tools we use to model climate change on Earth can be adapted to study climates on other planets, both past and present," said Michael Way, a researcher at GISS and the paper's lead author. "These results show ancient Venus may have been a very different place than it is today."

Previous studies have shown that how fast a planet spins on its axis affects whether it has a habitable climate. A day on Venus is 117 Earth days. Until recently, it was assumed that a thick atmosphere like that of modern Venus was required for the planet to have today's slow rotation rate. However, newer research has shown that a thin atmosphere like that of modern Earth could have produced the same result. That means an ancient Venus with an Earth-like atmosphere could have had the same rotation rate it has today.

Another factor that impacts a planet's climate is topography. The GISS team postulated ancient Venus had more dry land overall than Earth, especially in the tropics. That limits the amount of water evaporated from the oceans and, as a result, the greenhouse effect by water vapor. This type of surface appears ideal for making a planet habitable; there seems to have been enough water to support abundant life, with sufficient land to reduce the planet's sensitivity to changes from incoming sunlight.

Way and his GISS colleagues simulated conditions of a hypothetical early Venus with an atmosphere similar to Earth's, a day as long as Venus' current day, and a shallow ocean consistent with early data from the Pioneer spacecraft. The researchers added information about Venus' topography from radar measurements taken by NASA's Magellan mission in the 1990s, and filled the lowlands with water, leaving the highlands exposed as Venusian continents. The study also factored in an ancient sun that was up to 30 percent dimmer. Even so, ancient Venus still received about 40 percent more sunlight than Earth does today.

"In the GISS model's simulation, Venus' slow spin exposes its dayside to the sun for almost two months at a time," co-author and fellow GISS scientist Anthony Del Genio said. "This warms the surface and produces rain that creates a thick layer of clouds, which acts like an umbrella to shield the surface from much of the solar heating. The result is mean climate temperatures that are actually a few degrees cooler than Earth's today." (NASA's New View of Early Venus--"Oceans and Life", The Daily Galaxy online, August 11, 2016)

Xorol R. Oliver said:

"The evolution of mankind is like the evolution of a child in the womb. First it is a one celled creature, then it divides. Then it appears as a fish, then as a toad, then as an animal, and then finally as a human child. In like manner, mankind begins on any planet as a one celled creature, then as a fish, then as a toad, then as a reptile, then as a mammal, and finally as a human, the quintessential point of physical evolution. And after that point, man must become an Angel, and from an Angel, something greater. As the Sufi poet Rumi said: 'I died as a plant and became an fish. I died as a fish and became an animal. I died as animal and became a man. Why then should I fear death? Every time I die, I become something greater!' And so when mankind has spent twelve mortal lives on twelve planets in this System, he shall cease to be Man, and, like the gnat in the cocoon, shall emerge from it as something greater and more glorious." (Lectures, p.50)

How did Xorol know that the Sun was once smaller and weaker, and that Venus once had life and oceans? She claims she was told this in the Spirit-World, during out-of-body travels where she traveled to the Spirit-World in her astral body. How did Xorol know that Hitler (who was the head of a minor German political party in 1930) would become leader of Germany, and be responsible for the deaths of tens of millions? How did she know that the blacks of America would one day burn cities? How did she know that Mormon leaders would one day "disavow" the Curse of Cain Doctrine? How did she know that men would land on the Moon, and Mars, and send "man-like machines" to other solar systems (which NASA is already planning to do)? How?

The Presidents ('Living Prophets") of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka "LDS Church" or "Mormon Church") have been:

Joseph Smith (prophesied, published visions and Revelations, was very pro-black/anti-slavery)
Brigham Young (introduced anti-black doctrines/practices into the Church in 1848)
John Taylor (referred to Negroes as "the representatives of Satan on Earth" in General Conference)
Wilford Woodruff (the last Mormon leader to utter prophecies or receive "Thus Saith the Lord" Revelation)
Lorenzo Snow
Joseph F. Smith (nephew of Joseph Smith, and the President of the Church in the year 1912)
Heber J. Grant
George Albert Smith (called the Curse of Cain Doctrine "a doctrine of the Church" on August 27, 1949)
David O. McKay
Joseph Fielding Smith (son of Joseph F. Smith... said "Men will never land on the Moon...that will never happen" in 1961)
Harold B. Lee
Spencer W. Kimball (ended the Priesthood and Temple Ban on black Mormons in June of 1978)
Ezra Taft Benson
Howard W. Hunter
Gordon B. Hinckley (repudiated the Curse of Cain doctrine in speech in Priesthood Session of General Conference, April 2003)
Thomas S. Monson (current President of the LDS Church..."disavowed" the Curse of Cain Doctrine in December, 2013, on online in the "Race and Priesthood" statement)

The 6th Incarnation of the WORD/Logos/Son of God came to Salt Lake City in late September 1912, but was rejected by Joseph F. Smith, the President of the Church at that time.

Is it "possible" that Xorol R. Oliver was a true Prophetess? Is it possible that everything she said in her Lectures on Kosmonic Science was from God? Is it possible that The Book of Mormon is not a history of Jews in ancient America but a prophetic parable and warning about the future of America, and was written by Rosicrucian monks (the Zionitic Brotherhood) in Pennsylvania, as a warning to the White Race (Nephites) in America? Is it possible that we lived one mortal probation on Venus, and, before that, on Mercury, when the Sun was only a "baby Sun"? Is it possible that human souls have one mortal probation per material planet an that we shall dwell on twelve man-bearing planets in this Solar System? Which she called Consecutive Incarnation? Is it possible that Adam was not made of mud, nor Eve from a "rib" in his chest, but these things are "figurative"? Is it possible that the "Angel Moroni" was not a long-dead Nephite, but actually an old portly man in a brown suit, a monk from Pennsylvania, carrying a knapsack, who could write in Tironian Latin? Is it possible that Joseph Smith was "chosen" by a group of mortal men with an important task? Is it possible that the Christ-Spirit (Lamb of God) will incarnate not one time but seven times on this planet? Born of seven mothers? Is it possible that the 6th incarnation of the Son of God came to Salt Lake City in late September 1912, thereby fulfillment the Revelations of Joseph the Seer that the Savior will appear "as a man like ourselves" and the last prophecy of any Mormon leader, that of Wilford Woodruff in 1998, that "many sitting in the congregation will standing in the flesh" when Jesus comes to visit the Saints in the "Mountains of Israel" (Utah)? Is it possible that when Joseph F. Smith rejected the Son of God when He came to Him in 1912, as "a man like ourselves", the LORD said "AMEN!" to the priesthood, authority, and "prophetic abilities" of Mormon leaders? What that explain the reason "why" Mormon prophets don't prophesy, Mormon seers don't see, and Mormon Revelators don't "revelate"?

Is it "possible" that Xorol R. Olive was a true Prophetess of God?

Men Will Never Walk On The Moon

Have "The Brethren" (Mormon leaders) ever talked men going to other planets? The answer is "YES". Joseph Fielding Smith, who was, in 1961, the President of the Council of Twelve Apostles, spoke at the Honolulu Stake Conference, and said the following:

"We will never get a man into space. This earth is man's sphere and it was never intended that he should get away from it. The moon is a superior planet to the earth and it was never intended that man should go there. You can write it down in your books that this will never happen." (Joseph Fielding Smith, Honolulu Stake Conference, May 14, 1961)

Notice, that Joseph Fielding Smith, who became the "Living Prophet" in 1971, did not preface his talk with "in my opinion". He instructed that CES teachers (Seminary and Institute of Religion) teach what he said to the Seminary and Institute students. Even though he was not President of the Church in 1961, he was still sustained twice a year as a "Prophet/Seer/Revelator".

In 1971, as President of the LDS Church, three Apollo astronauts, who had walked on the Moon, were on a NASA publicity tour around the United States. They stopped in Salt Lake City, and there was a parade given for them, in downtown Salt Lake City; near the Mormon Temple. They met with President Joseph Fielding Smith, and gave to him, as gits, a few items they took with them to the Moon. From the Deseret News, 14 September 1971:

"Some 20 general authorities met the spacemen and President Harold B. Lee of the First Presidency told the explorers that "We watched, listened and prayed for you. We're glad you're home safely." Scott responded and said the crew had looked forward to visiting "the mountains of Utah" and had brought a gift back from the moon. He handed President Joseph Fielding Smith a large piece of white cardboard upon which was mounted the insignia Apollo 15, a color photograph taken on the moon and a small flag of Utah. Scott said the small cloth flag, a few inches square, was carried by the astronauts during their entire journey to and from the moon and also during their travels across the lunar surface in their Rover auto. President Lee gave to each of the astronauts a white volume telling the story of the Church with the names of the astronauts stamped in gold." (Deseret Evening News, 14 September, 1971, p.1 emphasis added)

Joseph Fielding Smith was also the author of the book title The Way of Perfection, in which he wrote:

“Not only was Cain called upon to suffer, but because of his wickedness he became the father of an inferior race. A curse was placed upon him and that curse has been continued through his lineage and must do so while time endures. Millions of souls have come into this world with black skin and have been denied the privilege of Priesthood and the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel. These are the descendants of Cain. Moreover, they have been made to feel their inferiority and have been separated from the rest of mankind from the beginning.
In justice it should be said that there have been among the seed of Cain many who have been honorable and who have lived according to the best light they had in this second estate. Let us pray that the Lord may bless them with some blessings of exaltation, if not the fullness, for their integrity here.
In the spirit of sympathy, mercy and faith, we will hope that blessings may eventually be given to our Negro brethren, for they are out brethren-children of God-notwithstanding their black covering emblematic of eternal darkness.” (The Way to Perfection, pp.101-102)

In 1930, Xorol R. Oliver prophesied that "the Church will eventually abandon its present anti-Negro doctrines" (Lectures). In 2013, in the "Race and Priesthood" statement, under "Gospel Topics Essays", on online, the Church's official website, the Church "disavowed" the Curse of Cain Doctrine, which Mormon leaders ("The Brethren"), taught as "a doctrine of the Church" for 150 years (1848 to 1978):

"Today, the Church disavows the theories advanced in the past that black skin is a sign of divine disfavor or curse, or that it reflects unrighteous actions in a premortal life; that mixed-race marriages are a sin; or that blacks or people of any other race or ethnicity are inferior in any way to anyone else. Church leaders today unequivocally condemn all racism, past and present, in any form." ("Race and Priesthood" Gospel Topics Essays, online, emphasis added)

The Church Public Affairs department received many letters asking if the "Race and Priesthood Statement" was "approved or not approved by the First Presidency (top 3 Mormon leaders). LDS Public Affairs issued a statement saying that "Race and Priesthood" was approved by the First Presidency before it was published on online. One Church spokesman even said: "If we published things on the Church's website that the First Presidency did not previously approve of, we wouldn't have our jobs very long."

The First Presidency decided to not publish the "Race and Priesthood" statement in the Ensign (Church magazine), nor mention it during General Conference. Most older Mormons know nothing about it, and, if they knew about it, it would upset them greatly; because they know that the Church leaders presented the Curse of Cain Doctrine as "a doctrine of the Church" all of their lives. Some Mormon Seminary teachers (who teach religion classes to Mormon high school students) tell them: "The Church never taught that black people were ever cursed, nor ever the children of Cain, that's just some folklore." Older Mormons know that is a lie, and that the Curse of Cain Doctrine was always presented to them by Church leaders as a doctrine of the Church, and part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as any other part.

The Church is 'rewriting" Mormon history.

In Part 7, we'll see "why" Joseph Smith formed a "Holy Order" in Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1842, and what the "original" Temple Endowment Ceremony actually prepared the Holy Order members " for" (and it wasn't the Afterlife!).

Questions for the Reader

1) How many thieves who sneak into homes at night kick down the door and announce their arrival? Or do them come and go quietly without waking up the sleeping inhabitants?

2) Does "a man like ourselves" fly in the air and sit upon clouds?

3) If you die with wounds/scars, do you believe you will spend eternity in an eternal resurrection body with those wounds/scars?

4) Do you believe that Jesus wants to spend eternity with His wounds/scars?

5) Was Xorol R.Oliver right about the Procession of the Planets? How?

6) Was Joseph Fielding Smith "right" about man never landing on the Moon?

7) Was Xorol R. Oliver "right" about men landing on the Moon and Mars?

8) Was Xorol R. Oliver "right" that the Church would eventually abandon it's "Negro" doctrines?

9) Do you trust what Mormon leaders tell you?

The Lord told Joseph the Seer that He would come "as a man like ourselves". And....He did!

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