MOST MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH don't know that the early Brethren (Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Hyde etc.) taught that the Story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was "a children's rhyme" not to be taken literally. Parley P. Pratt, an early Mormon apostle, wrote:

”Man, moulded from the earth, as a brick! A woman, manufactured from a rib!...O man! When wilt thou cease to be a child in knowledge?” (Key to the Science of Theology, p.50)

Yet, later, when Joseph Fielding Smith, son of Joseph F. Smith, was put in charge of the Publications Committee (and therefore in-charge of the Church magazines), that all changed, and the Church did a "180" and started to teach that the story of Adam and Eve, the rib, the talking snake, the fig, was "literal history". The teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith were promoted by his son-in-law, Bruce R. McConkie, author of Mormon Doctrine. From 1959 until 2000, Mormon Doctrine was the most widely read book in the Church. It was literally on "every shelf" and quoted from extensively in all Church Manuals. This period (1950 to 2000) is known as "the Smith-McConkie Era". Mormons born and raised during this "era" believed in a "literal" Garden of Eden story. They were never told that the early Brethren believed differently. Most Mormons still today (2015) believe in a "literal" talking snake, a literal "fig" as the forbidden fruit, Eve was made out of a literal "rib" from the chest of Adam, there was no death anywhere on Earth before the Fall of Adam, and so forth, thanks to the "work" of Joseph Fielding Smith and Bruce R. McConkie. In the year 2000, the First Presidency told Bookcraft, publishers of Mormon Doctrine to NOT publish any more editions of the book. Even though the Smith-McConkie Era is over, their influence is not over. Most Mormons were raised to believe in the Smith-McConkie interpretation or Mormonism, and most older Mormons still do.

Most Members assume that the Church doesn't change, but, in truth, the Church "changes" over the years. Doctrines are changed like fashion changes. What is "eternal gospel truth" one year, may be "false doctrine" the next year. Temple garments are changed. Temple rites are changed. Attitudes are changed. The Church "evolves" over time; just like everything else.


Xorol ("ksor-rawl") R. Oliver ("The Berkeley Seeress") did not believe in talking snakes who tempted naked white women with apples or figs. Nor did she believe that Adam was made of mud, nor that Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs. Snakes don't talk, and women aren't made from ribs. In her journeys to the Spirit-World, she discovered that the story of Adam and Eve is a "parable" based upon two real historical people who lived in a "real" walled garden which was built near the Nile, south of the City of Aten (now Tell Amarna, Egypt). The "foundations" of this Garden still exist to this day.

Left: Aye son of Yahyu Center: Khiyah daughter of Nefertiti Right: Wall mural of the Garden of Aten

According to Xorol, the WORD became flesh first as Adam (i.e. Adapa of Sumeria, called "Adamu" by the Akkadians), then as Melchizedek, and then as Aye son of Yahyu, who was born an American Indian, in what is now Missouri, but who was taken to Egypt by the Phoenicians, and became the father-in-law of Pharaoh Akhenaten, and later a Pharaoh himself. Aye married Khiyah, his own grand-daughter, and "partook" of her "forbidden fruit", because Khiyah was "tempted" by the Cobra-crown ("serpent"); the symbol of the "Wisdom of the Gods" in ancient Egypt. In other words, Khiyah ("Eve") sinned because she desired to wear the Cobra-crown (i.e. she wanted to regain her status as queen of Egypt); the symbol for "The Wisdom of the Gods". So, she "tempted" Adam (Aye) with her "forbidden fruit". Aye ("Adam") sinned because he was tempted by "the forbidden fruit" of "Eve" (Khiyah), and "partook" because, well, after all, he was a "man". Nevertheless, her "fruit" for "forbidden" in the eyes of God; even though this was not considered a "sin" to the eyes of the Egyptians at that time. There was no "social pressure" for Aye not to "marry" Khiyah, his own grand-daughter, because the ancient Egyptians considered this a "good thing"; to keep the royal blood "pure". No doubt Aye was encouraged to do this by his royal advisors.

This "original sin" of Adam caused his God-breathed soul to "fall" (die) in the Spirit-World, and the souls of all Adamites likewise "died" in the Spirit-World; because our souls are "copies" of his God-Breathed Soul. This soul-death (Shoel) in the Spirit-World continued until Adam returned to this world, as Jesus of Nazareth, to "atone" for the "original sin". This was done, and all the souls of the Adamites were resurrected in the Spirit-world. The resurrection of the dead does not happen in our physical world, but in the Spirit-World. Physical bodies always return to dust. Mormons are buried in their temple robes, expecting to be resurrected in their temple robes; now cleaned and pressed. They will break out of their coffins, bust through the six feet of dirt (with dirt and pieces of wood from the coffins flying everywhere), and arise in resurrected physical bodies with clean resurrected temple clothing.

On the other hand, Xorol taught that dust returns to dust. The physical body returns to the material elements, and the Spirit returns to God. Only the astral/ethereal body is raised, not in our world, but in the Sprit-World.

Jesus did not die for the sins of a different Son. God does not send one Son to suffer and die for the sins of a different Son. Adam is called "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38). After he sinned in the Garden of Aten, he became "the Prodigal Son". He who has eyes, let him see.

Xorol did not get her "information" from Mormon leaders "speaking for God" in General Conference, nor from the Pope in Rome speaking ex cathera (Latin: "from the chair" of St. Peter), nor from Bible scholars, nor from pastors, nor priests, nor imams, nor ayatollahs, nor even psychics. She got her information from her own out-of-body journeys to the Spirit-World, where she "saw" for herself what happened. She learned to do that from a yogi from India who came to the U.S. in the 1920s.

Catholics are told to put their "faith" in the "Holy Father" (Pope). Evangelicals are told to put their "faith" in the Word of God (Bible), as interpreted by their pastor, who is paid an excellent salary to "rightly divide the Word of God" for 90 minutes on Sunday morning. Mormons are told to put their "faith" in the "Living Prophet"; the President of the Church. They are told that "the Living Prophet will never lead you astray"; even though Presidents of the Church in the past have "led" Mormons to believe in doctrines that the Church now declares "false" (i.e. Adam-God, Blood-Atonement, Curse of Cain, etc.) and policies that were "mistakes (priesthood-ban on blacks, a year's supply food storage in the 80s, etc.). Muslims are told to put their "faith" in their imams, and their mollahs and ayatollahs. Xorol did not put her "faith" in any man or group of men. She wanted to "see the Truth" for herself, and she did.

The Apostle Paul claimed to get special information from a journey to "the Third Heaven" but he could not tell if this was a "vision" (in the body) or a "transportation" (out of the body) experience:

I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago—whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows—such a man was caught up to the third heaven. And I know how such a man—whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, God knows—was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which a man is not permitted to speak. (2 Corinthians 12:2–4)

Neither Paul nor Xorol put their faith in "men" nor did they rely on their own "feelings". They got their information first hand.


Xorol ("ksor-rawl") believed that The Book of Mormon was not a history of Jews in ancient America, but a "prophetic parable" about the future of America, when the dark-skinned "Latin races" will utterly annihilate the white-skinned race, in the distant future. But, she adds, The Book of Mormon is a "warning". It does NOT need to "come to pass" if the white race "repents" of its greed, materialism, love of wealth, and "abominations" and follows the true Prophets. She taught that the book was not written by ancient American Jews, nor by Joseph Smith or Solomon Spaulding, but by Rosicrucians who lived in Pennsylvania; who arrived from Europe in the late 1600s. Their first settlement was in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Later, they established a commune in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

We're going to reveal who those Rosicrucian monks were, and why they wrote The Book of Mormon and why they "chose" Joseph Smith Jr.

Mormons are taught from birth that The Book of Mormon is literal, and that at least a million Nephites were killed along with perhaps the same number of Lamanites, at the Hill Cumorah, in Upstate New York, near the village of Palmyra; about 40 miles or so south of Rochester New York. Yet, ground-penetrating radar over the Hill Cumorah, and the entire area, has reveal "nothing". Not even one arrowhead. Not even a piece of pottery. Nothing remains of the two million dead Nephites and Lamanites. Nothing.

Asses, cows, oxen, sheep, and "rideable" horses did not exist in Ancient America. A small species of horse, about the size and weight of a deer, existed before 8,000 B.C.E., and were used by the native Americans not to ride, but to eat. DNA studies of pure-blooded American Indians (those with no Spanish or Anglo blood) show they have "zero" Semitic ancestry. They are Asians, closely related to native Siberians.

Mormon apologists (defenders of the faith) know about the "problems" and are trying to come up with "solutions". For example, Mormon apologists now admit that there were "no horses in the time of the Nephites". Yet, The Book of Mormon says there were "many horses" in the land (Enos 1:21) and chariots too (Alma 18:9). How can this contradiction be explained? Mormon apologists now say that by "horses" The Book of Mormon is NOT referring to what "we" call horses, but to tapirs; which are Central and South American animals distantly related to the horse. In other words, the Nephites and Lamanites rode Tapirs, and pulled their heavy chariots with them! The "cows" and "oxen" were really bison. By "sheep" and "goats" is meant alpacas and llamas.

The "problem" was this is...bison were in North America, and alpacas and llamas were in the Andes of South America. The two species never "met". There are no bison bones in South or Central America. There are no "remnants" of alpacas or llamas in North America. The Nephites could ___not___ have had all these animals in one place, on their "farms", by the millions, over a period of 1000 years!

In other words, according to Mormon apologists (such as FairMormon), the Nephites rode tapirs, used bison to plow their fields, and kept alpacas, llamas, and bison as domestic animals, as their "sheep" and "goats" and "cattle". What about asses (an "ass" is a combination of a horse and a donkey)? Asses were first brought to America by the Spanish. Ancient America had no Asses, nor cattle, nor sheep, nor oxen. What about the "Asses" in The Book of Mormon? Mormon apologists say these were "deer"! When non-Mormon scientists "hear" all this, they almost fall off their chairs with laughter.

Of course, when the Rosicrucians first landed in America, in Lehigh County Pennsylvania, the land was filled with cattle, and sheep, and horses, and oxen, and asses; all brought here by the French and English settlers who'd arrived decades earlier. According to The Book of Mormon, father Lehi (a Jew) lead his family and the family of Ishmael (an Arab) to the New World, which "no other nation" dwelt in. Young Mormons were raised to believe, until just in the last twenty years, that American Indians were the pure descendants of Lehi the Jew and Ishmael the Arab, but they became "dark skinned" because the Lord put a "cursing" upon their skins, because they became lazy, filthy, and worshipped idols. The Book of Mormon still teaches that; although young Mormons are never taught it anymore. Those verses in the book are simply now "ignored".

What about American Indian DNA being Asian with "zero" Semitic ancestry? Mormon apologists fall within two camps:

Camp A) some say "God changed their DNA" from white-skinned bearded Jews, with curly hair and round eyes, to dark-skinned-face-and-body-hairless Asians with "Mongoloid" features. God is All-Powerful isn't He? He can "change" DNA no problem!

Camp B) others say: "DNA science is just in its infancy, and really is not very reliable" but the DNA scientists themselves say: "No, wrong! DNA science is an exact science and extremely reliable!"

DNA scientists are calling Mormon apologists (like the FairMormon organization) "LIARS" and they insist that DNA science is "not" in its infancy, "not" unreliable, but an "exact science" that has "proved" that, among other things, American Indians have "zero" Jewish or Arab ancestry. They are Asians from Siberia, and don't have any Semitic DNA going back 30,000 years!

Because of "problems" with the historicity of The Book of Mormon, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, founded by Joseph Smith III (the eldest son of Joseph Smith Jr.), now called "Community of Christ", has all-but abandoned The Book of Mormon. They don't use it anymore.

It is "possible" that the book is not historical? All the empirical evidence points in that direction.

Left: Book of Mormon "locations" compared with "locations" known to the Zionitic Brotherhood (and Joseph Smith) to the Right. The Zionitic Brotherhood first settled in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Many Mormon intellectuals are also abandoning their belief in the historicity of The Book of Mormon based upon the lack of empirical evidence (archaeology, ethnology, linguistics, etc.), and based on DNA studies that show that American Indians have no (zero) Semitic ancestry. American Indians cannot be the children of Lehi the Jew and Ishmael the Arab. American Indians are Asians, closely related in language, culture, religion, DNA, to the Tuvan people of Siberia. They have absolutely "zero" Semitic (Jewish or Arabic) lineage.

Many of the place-names found in The Book of Mormon seem to be based upon place-names found in colonial America (see map). For example, "Jacobugath" in The Book of Mormon seems to be based upon Jacobsburg Ohio, and so forth. Study the map at right, and come to your own conclusion.

Based upon the evidence (archaeology, ethnology, linguistics, anomalies in The Book of Mormon, DNA, etc.) one can only come to two conclusions:

a) Anti-Mormons are right: The Book of Mormon is a fraud, written by Joseph Smith, perhaps with the help of others, perhaps based upon earlier manuscripts by Solomon Spaulding and/or Sidney Rigdon, for the purpose of making him and Oliver Cowdery rich. Most Members who leave the Church come to this conclusion.


b) Xorol Oliver was right: The Book of Mormon was written by Rosicrucian monks, as a prophetic parable about America, and Joseph Smith Jr. was chosen to publish the work, because of his ability to find lost and stolen objects via his "seerstone". The monks at Ephrata spoke German, but they wrote in a Latin shorthand called "Tironian Latin" which was based, mostly, on ancient Egyptian symbols. Here is a comparison between Tironian Latin and the "characters" on the plates:

This is a Latin translation of Sir Francis Bacon's book Wisdom of the Ancients, with Tironian Latin inside the "red" border, next to the Latin.

Joseph Smith transcribed some characters from the gold plates onto a piece of paper, and gave that paper to Martin Harris, who was financing the printing of The Book of Mormon, so that Harris could show "learned men in the East" the characters. Below is a comparison of Tironian Latin, used by the monks at Ephrata, with the "Reformed Egyptian" characters on the gold plates, from which The Book of Mormon was translated:

Tironian Latin symbols (left) compared to characters on the gold plates (right)

Perhaps The Book of Mormon is a divinely-inspired "prophetic parable" after all, as Xorol claimed in the 1930s?

An old woodprint of Ephrata, with the round wooden temple in the background (right), and a monk in the foreground.

Xorol (ksor-rawl) claimed that Moroni, John the Baptist, and Peter, James, and John, were all Rosicrucian monks. And, indeed, the Zionitic Brotherhood, headquartered at "Zion Hill" in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, the home-town of Peter Whitmer Sr., gave themselves such names, and claimed they could channel the spirits of dead apostles and saints. As far back as the 1630s, they claimed to be the holders of "the Melchizedek Priesthood". The very purpose of their Order was to build the city of New Jerusalem somewhere in the American wilderness. They had a round wooden temple on Zion Hill, with an altar in the middle. They wore all white, and they baptized for the dead. They spoke German as their main language, but also studied Latin and English.

Is it possible that The Book of Mormon was written as a "prophetic parable" about the future of America, and not about its past?

Xorol Oliver was right about the rise of Hitler. She was right about men going to the Moon and Mars, and beyond. She was right about the Stock Market crash of 1929. The Brethren predicated none of these things. Perhaps she was right about The Book of Mormon too?


Mormons are taught from birth that Jesus is Jehovah, son of Elohim. But Joseph Smith taught that Jesus was "the Son of Jehovah" (D&C 109:4,10,14,22,24,29,34,42,56,68) and that Jehovah and Elohim is the same Being exactly. Mormons are taught that Adam is Michael the Archangel, and not Jesus. Paul writes to the Christians in Thessalonia, Greece, that the Lord would return "with the Voice of the Archangel":

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: (1 Thess. 4:16)

Christians interpret this Verse to mean that when Jesus returns, the Voice of the Archangel will announce Him. But...this Verse doesn't say that. It says that Jesus will come "with the voice of the archangel". The Archangel is Michael.

Joseph Smith taught that Jehovah and Elohim was the same Being exactly, and that Jesus was "the Son of Jehovah" (D&C 109:4,10,14,22,24,29,34,42,56,68). Mormons have been taught from at least 1900 A.D. that Jehovah is Jesus: the Son of Elohim. In Truth, Jesus is Michael, the Son of Jehovah/Elohim, and this is why Paul says that the Lord will come "with the voice of the archangel".


Mormons are taught from birth to put their total faith and trust in the top fifteen Church leaders, called "The Brethren", and they vote to "sustain" them as Prophets, Seers, Revelators in General Conferences twice a year; even though none of these men actually prophesy, see, or revelate. Mormons who ask "Where are the prophecies, visions, and Revelations of the Brethren?" are told by their bishops: "STOP ASKING or ELSE!" or they are told: "You don't have the AUTHORITY to question The Brethren!"

Over the last 130 years The Brethren have taught the following doctrines, in General Conference, as "eternal truths":

*The Sun and Moon are inhabited.
*The Lost Tribes are living at the North Pole.
*The Gulf of Mexico is where the City of Enoch was located.
*Negroes spirits were "less valiant" in the War in Heaven, and so the were punished by being born into the lineage of Cain.
*Negroes are the cursed children of Cain, and must serve the white man until the curse is removed sometime after the Millennium is over.
*If the Negro is given the priesthood before the Lord removed the curse, sometime after the Millennium, then all keys (divine authority) is removed from the Church, and 'Amen!' to the priesthood on Earth.
*The mark of the Curse of Cain is a black skin, flat nose, and kinky hair.
*The Civil War will not free the Negro.
*Any white man who mixes his seed with a black woman must have his blood shed, and their children must also be killed.
*Men who murder, steal, commit adultery, or marry a Negro must have their blood shed in order to save them.
*Adam was born of a woman.
*Adam was not made as we make adobes (i.e. from mud)
*Adam was not born of a woman, but made from clay
*The story of the rib of figurative
*The story of the rib is literal.
*There were prophets before Adam (i.e. there were pre-Adamites)
*There were no pre-Adamites
*Jesus was begotten in the same way mortal men beget mortal sons.
*Mary is the spirit-daughter/wife of God the Father.
*God the Father is an exalted resurrected White Man Who has only one physical body, and He is "bound" by it, meaning He cannot be in two places at the same time.
*Not all alive in 1832 will die until the Second Coming has taken place.
*The Lord will return in the year 1891.
*The Lord delayed His coming because "we" were not ready for Him.
*(1980s) Store a year's supply of food and water, for the times to come (note: all the food and water that Mormons were commanded to store in the 1980s went bad and had to be thrown away--thousands of tons of it--went to waste)
*The holy garments and Temple rites are from the Lord and cannot be changed (note: the garments have been altered many times, and the Endowment Rite has been changed in 1920, 1950, changed considerably in 1990 and again in 2005).
*Men will never walk on the Moon or any other planet (note: Joseph Fielding Smith, May 14, 1961)

Note: Yes, all of the above can be completely documented. Just Google: "Letter to a CES Director" by Jeremy Runnells online. I'll include a link to that at the end of this article (end of Part 9) in case you want to review it.

During the Dark Ages, most Catholics believed the Earth was flat, because the Catholic Church said so, and the Church "spoke for God". But free-thinkers and intellectuals such as Ferdinand Magellin, did not believe this, because they could observe the shadow of the Earth on the Moon sometimes, and that shadow was round! Many people asked him, "But the Church speaks for God! Where is your faith?" Magellin would tell them: "I have more faith in a shadow than I do in the Church."

President Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency said in General Conference in October, 2013, that "mistakes were made" by Members and Leaders in the past, but he didn't elaborate what those "mistakes" were. He said:

“To be perfectly frank, there have been times when members or leaders in the church have simply made mistakes. There may have been things said or done that were not in harmony with our values, principles or doctrine.”

President Uchtdorf did not happen to mention what these "mistakes" were. Perhaps one "mistake" was the mistake of J. Reuben Clark, First Counselor in the First Presidency during the time of the Nazis. When the Nazis came to power in Germany and Austria in the early 1930s, several hundred Mormons were also Jews. These Jewish Mormons wrote to the First Presidency, asking for a "Letter of Reference" so they could get visas to immigrate to America. These Jewish Mormons did not ask the Church for money, but for "Letters of Reference" so that they could escape Nazi persecution and come to America. But J. Reuben Clark wrote back saying that he could not send them Letters of Reference because "too many" had requested them; although the Church probably received less than 200 requests.

J. Reuben Clark, who was in the First Presidency during the 1930s and 1940s, was Anti-Semitic. He used to hand out copies of the Anti-Semitic booklet Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to Church Members. Hitler also had this booklet widely published and distributed. Clark declined all the requests from the Jewish Mormons in Germany and Austria; many of whom, with their families, later died in the concentration camps during the last years of the war. One Mormon in Germany, in Hamburg, named Húbener, opposed the Nazis, and spoke against those Mormons (and there were many) who joined the Nazi Party; telling them that Mormonism and Naziism were totally contradictory philosophies. He condemned the Hamburg LDS Branch Presidency; all of whom joined the Nazi Party. The Church excommunicated Húbener, who was later arrested and died in a Nazi concentration camp. During the late 1890s, when many Jews from Europe were immigrating to America, J. Reuben Clark wrote:

"America must cease to be the cess-pool into which shall drain the foul sewage of Europe." (D. Michael Quinn, 2002, Elder Statesman: A Biography of J. Reuben Clark, p. 319)

LDS Church First Presidency (c. 1933) Heber J. Grant (left), J. Reuben Clark (center), and David O. McKay (right).

Perhaps this is one "mistake" that President Uchtdorf is referring to. Perhaps it was the Curse of Cain Doctrine, and Priesthood-ban Policy, which the Church "disavowed" and repudiated in December of 2013 (see "Race and Priesthood" statement under "Gospel Topics" on online). That "mistake" lasted for 130 years! Perhaps it was some other "mistake". Church leaders now admit that prior Church leaders have "made mistakes" but they refuse to discuss what those "mistakes" were.

The Prophetess (Xorol R. Oliver) warned Mormons, and others, against Hitler and the Nazis, and prophesied that they would bring on the deaths of tens of millions, but that Hitler would finally be defeated in the end and take his own life. Church leaders threatened to excommunicate her if she continued writing letters to them, claiming revelation and visions. The Mormons ignored her, and followed their "prophets/seers/revelators"; including J. Reuben Clark.

Questions for the Reader

1) If the Brethren "spoke for God" THEN as well as NOW, then why did God make so many "mistakes" over the years?

2) Are you sure that The Brethren speak for God? Are you "sure" of that?

3) If The Brethren are wrong about a "few" things in the past, how many "other things" could they be wrong about now or in the future?

4) Is it possible that Xorol Oliver was right, and The Brethren wrong? Is it "possible" that The Book of Mormon is not about America's past, but about America's future? 5) Is it possible that Jesus will NOT return standing or sitting upon a cloud, with angels blowing trumpets, with His unhealed wounds still dripping blood, spitting out fire-balls upon the wicked, but that He will return "as a thief in the night" in three "clouds" ("veils"...i.e. three new bodies with new names born of new mothers)? Is it "possible" the WORD of God will "become flesh" on this planet seven times, and not just once or twice?

If you are a Mormon who has blind faith in The Brethren, then, please STOP reading now, and farewell. But, if you are a Seeker of Truth, and will let Truth guide you wherever it leads, please keep reading. More wonders are in store!

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