Left: Akhenaten and Nefertiti worship Aten Right: An ancient Egyptian wall painting of the Garden of Aten

BILLIONS OF YEARS AGO the Sun was actually a little smaller and weaker than it is now. Science has proven that. The Sun is "growing" very slowly; increasing in power. One day, the Sun will grow and it will get hotter, until it turns red. When that happens, the oceans of the Earth will boil away, and Earth will look like Venus looks today, and Mars will be in the "Zone of Habitation"; meaning it will warm up, and the trillions of tons of ice just below the surface will melt, and the water vapor will mix with the carbon dioxide and create an atmosphere capable of supporting all sorts of life. This "expansion" of the Sun will continue, until there are 12 planets in this solar system that will be "man-bearing"; meaning human spirits will dwell upon them, as we now dwell upon Earth.

According to science the Sun is expanding

Billions of years ago, Venus had oceans and life. According to Xorol R. Oliver, the Mormon "Prophetess", Venus had one large continent, and hundreds of thousands of islands, and upon that large continent were "people" like us, and animals that resembled bears, and lions, and horses; different, but not "too" different. On this continent were many tribes of people, thousands of languages and dialects. One such "person" was the Son of God, also called "The Word" or "Logos". He lived and died on that planet many times, because Celestial Beings have the power of "eternal lives" (reincarnation). She said that the final mortal probation of the Son of God on Venus was as a prince called "Ko-ko-lo-mey". She spoke of Him and His life, teachings, and death. Xorol claimed she got this information from her journeys to the Third Heaven, during out-of-body travels.

In 2009 Paul Sutherland (a science journalist) wrote:

"Venus was once much more like Earth than thought, with oceans of water and drifting continents, new results from an orbiting space probe suggest. The second planet from the sun has been called Earth’s evil twin because it is so hot and dry that it resembles hell. Planetary scientists say its climate went out of control. They are keen to know why in case the same thing happens to our own world. Venus is completely shrouded in clouds, causing its atmosphere to act like a greenhouse trapping heat. Now Europe’s orbiting Venus Express probe has used mapped a large chunk of the planet using a cloud-piercing infrared camera. The results support previous suspicions that Venus has ancient continents produced by volcanic activity and which used to be surrounded by seas of water." ("Venus Once Had Oceans of Water" Skymania 14 July 2009 online)

Xorol (ksor-rawl) taught that Terrestrial beings, or human spirits ("us"), lived and died on that planet (Venus) only one time; because "Terrestrial beings" ("us") have only one mortal probation per material planet. She called this "consecutive incarnation". According to Xorol, the Son of God was a Celestial Being, meaning He had the "power to lay down His life and take it up again" meaning He had the power of Eternal Lives (i.e. reincarnation). He came to this planet long ago, with the body of an angel, an "astral body" or "ethereal body".

*Reincarnation=for Celestial Beings only.

*Consecutive incarnation=for human spirits or "terrestrial beings".

Our "pre-existence" was on Venus, billions of years ago, during our one mortal probation on that planet. Before that we lived in Mercury, when the Sun was very small and weak. The Sun is expanding outward.

Xorol taught that Adam came to this planet with the body of angel, but ate material fruit, which gradually changed the spirit-fluid in his veins into blood, and He became mortal. He married, and had children, and died. But because He was a Celestial Being, He had the "power of eternal lives" (reincarnation) and thus returned to this planet as Melchizedek, and then as Aye son of Yahyu, and American Indian who was taken to Egypt as a slave, but became Pharaoh about 1350 b.c.e.

There is a Psalm which says in Hebrew: "The Lord has set His tabernacle [tent] in the Sun". The being we know as "Jehovah" (not His actual Name but close enough) dwells in the Sun, in everlasting burnings. The temperature of the Sun has no effect upon Him. In every "sun" there dwells such a Being: the Rulers of the solar systems. The ancient Hindu seers called these Being "Brahma" (Sanskrit: "Best"). And in the "Black Hole" (which is a Dark Star not a hole) in the center of the galaxy, there dwells a Being, Who rules the galaxy: a Mahabrahma (Sanskrit: "Great Best") Whose name is "Radhasoami" (Sanskrit: "Lord of the Soul"). Every sun has a Brahma inside it, and every Dark Star at the center of every galaxy, as a Mahabrahma inside it. And all these Beings, the Brahmas and Mahabrahmas, share One Divine Mind, and that One Divine Mind is called "ALLAH". The greatest Name of ALLAH in the Qur'an is "RAHMAN" (Arabic: "Merciful"). Joseph Smith said that the name of God in the pure Adamic language was "AHMAN" ("Man of Holiness").

The Name of "Jehovah" is secret. The pronunciation of YHWH is secret. If you know His Name, and use It, then you have His attention! Xorol knew His secret Name. The 18th century Jewish scribe named Isaac ben Israel worked supernatural miracles, using the Name. He became known as Ba'al Shem Tov ("Master of the Hidden Name"). Others have done the same.


The soul known as "Adam" lived on Venus for many lives. Every life He spent on Venus, He was born of a woman, as all men and women are born. All of "us" (terrestrial beings) lived on Venus, billions of years ago, for "one" life. If we lived a life filled with good works, then we were born here beautiful, healthy in mind and body, with "good fortune". If we lived a life on Venus filled with bad deeds, then we were born on this planet "troubled" in mind and/or body, with inherited genetic defects, or with "bad fortune". Our current mortal probation on Earth is our "Day of Judgement" for our deeds we did on Venus; according to the Prophetess.

The Prophetess taught that Adam came to this planet with an "astral body"; the body of an angel. He ate the "ethereal double" of fruit, until his astral body "changed" and became able to eat physical fruit. This caused the "spirit" in his veins to change to blood. He became mortal. He married, and had sons and daughters. He died, and was buried. He had the first "God-breathed Soul" on this planet. Each of his descendants "inherit" a copy of this God-breathed Soul. Whatever happens to this original God-breathed Soul, also happens to the souls of his descendants; since our souls are mere copies of his.

Note: Science has not "proved" that astral bodies exist. However, there are many videos on YouTube which purport to show astral bodies. Not all of these videos are fake. Many of them are real. Many of these astral bodies have weight and are able to move material objects. After you read this Part tonight, go to YouTube and type in "Ghosts caught on tape".

Adam was not the first man, but the first Adamite: meaning the first man with a God-breathed Soul. In ancient Sumeria he was known as Adapa of Eridu. "Adapa" means "Wise Man" in Sumerian. He married a woman named Lillitu, and had sons and daughters. His sons were Qayin, Hibil, and Set. The Akkadians changed his name from Adapa to "Adamu"; which means "red soil". This was a "play" on names. Adapa did not come from the womb, but from "red soil". The fruit trees grew from red soil. He ate the fruit, and the spiritual-fluid in his astral body became blood. His astral body became a mortal physical body.

According the Prophetess (Xorol), the soul of Adam/Adapa/Adamu, reincarnated as Melchizedek, king of Salem. The Bible only mentions that Melchizedek was a high priest of the High God, and king of a Canaanite city later called Jerusalem. But the ancient book called The Book of the Secrets of Enoch calls Melchizedek the "Word of God" and says that in the "latter days" He would be called "the Son of God" and be the head of "twelve priests" (i.e. the Apostles).

Adapa married an "Earth" woman, and they had sons and daughters. And the sons and daughters did not marry each other, but married other "Earth" people; so the Adamites were a combination of the DNA of Adapa (Adamu) and pre-Adamic people. We are all Adamites, and we are all Pre-Adamites too.


The Book of Genesis tells the story of not one but "two" incarnations of Adam: as Adapa (in Eridu, Sumeria) and as Aye son of Yahyu, in ancient Egypt. Remember, the Garden of Eden story is not a literal "history" story, but a "parable". Yet, the parable is based upon real people who really lived.

In ancient Egypt, about 1370 b.c.e., there was a man named Aye ("eye"), son of Yahyu. He had a wife named Tiy ("tee'ee"). His father, Yahyu, was the Master of Horses of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Aye took over this position after Yahyu died. He had a son named Nakhtmin, and several daughters, one of whom was named Nefertiti. In the tomb of Aye, there is a wall relief of Aye and Tiy worshipping Aten: who was either the Sun, or lived in the Sun, or was the rays of the Sun. A hymn found below the relief calls Aye the "Son" of Aten. The hymn says:

"When He (Aten) rises in the sky, He rejoices at His Son (Aye). He embraces him with His rays." (Royal Tomb inscription, Valley of the Kings, Tomb of Aye, Amarna, Egypt)

The Tomb of Aye contains no mummy. Egyptologists do not know what happened to the mummy of Aye, and, indeed, there is no signs that the tomb ever contained a mummy.

The daughter of Aye and Tiy, Nefertiti, married Amenhotep IV, who was converted from the worship of man gods to the worship of Aten, and changed his name to Ankenaten, and he built the City of Aten along the Nile, and south of the City of Aten he built the Garden of Aten; which included a small lake (to swimming as well as evaporation), a small temple, a residence, and also many fruit trees of all kinds. It was walled to keep out the sand. Many scholars believe that the Hebrew word "Adon" (Lord) is based upon the Egyptian word "Aten". The Hebrew word "Adonai" means "My Lord".

When Ankhenaten became Pharaoh, Aye was given the royal titles of Master of Horses of the King, Fan-bearer of the Right Side, Acting Scribe, and Father of the God. According to second-hand accounts, Joseph Smith said Adam was from Missouri, Jackson County Missouri, which was the location of the Garden of Eden. According to Xorol ("ksor-rawl"), the Garden of Eden was not in Jackson County, Missouri, nor Mesopotamia, but in Egypt, and actually built by the Pharoah Ankhenaten (died circa 1350 b.c.e.) as a walled garden, with a large pond and fruit trees. She confirms that Aye (also spelled "Ay"), and his father Yahyu, were from what is now that state of Missouri. According to Xorol, they were American Indians, and were brought to Egypt by the ancient Phoenicians, who traded with some American Indian tribes. Some scholars believe this is possible, since many ancient Egyptian mummies have tobacco and cocaine in them; two plants native only to the Americas. Other researchers claim to have discovered "Phoenician" and "Minoan" (Cretan) remains in America, in and around the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Both the Phoenicians and Minoans called themselves "The Sea People".

The Garden of Aten (c. 1330 B.C.)

Pharoah AnkhenAten died, and Nefertiti became the first "female" Pharoah, but she died. Then TutenAmun their son became Pharoah at the age of 9, and he married his sister, Khiyah, and she became queen (this was common among ancient Egyptian royalty). The name Khiyah is very close to the Hebrew name for Eve; which is "Khivah". In fact, the Hebrew "Khivah" is a play on the Egyptian word "Khiyah" which means "Sprite Little Animal". That was her nickname, or her "street" name. Her real name was Akhsenpaaten, which was later changed to Akhesenamun; after the death of Nefertiti.

Khiyah wore the Cobra-crown as queen, symbol of "the Wisdom of the Gods" by which they ruled. But TutenAmun soon died, and there was not another male in the royal line. Khiyah wrote a desperate letter to the King of the Hittites, asking for one of his sons to marry. So, the King of the Hittites, Suppiliumas, sent his son Zannanza to Egypt, but Zannanza died in Syria, in route to Egypt. Suppiliumas saw this as either planned assassination, or a bad omen. He sent no more sons. The only man left of the Royal House was Aye, the grandfather of Khiyah. He was 70 years old at this time. The Priests of Amun forced TutenAten to change his name to TutenAmun, and to restore the priesthood of Amun (cherubim). Aye wanted to restore the worship of Aten. He married Khiyah, his own granddaughter. This was not seen as "sinful" in ancient Egypt, but as "preserving" the royal bloodline. Aten and Khiyah were "thrust out" of the Garden of Aten by the Cherubim (priests of Amun) because Aye wanted to restore the worship of Aten. The tomb of Aye is unfinished, and empty. What happened to Aye and Khiyah? They were exiled, and nobody knows where their remains are today.

Aye was not a native Egyptian, but actually from a tribe of American Indians who lived along the Missouri river. Many ancient Egyptian mummies have cocaine and tobacco in them; proving ancient trade with the Americas. The Phoenicians (Lebanese) were excellent sailors, and great traders. They traded with some native American tribes, and with the Egyptians, and others. They brought Yahyu and his son Aye to Egypt, and he became a servant in the house of the Pharaoh, and he married Tiy, and their daughter, Nefertiti, married the son of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, who was also called Amenhotep. Aye was the Prophet of Aten, and converted his son-in-law, Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten, and built the City of Aten, and south of the city, he build the Garden of Aten, a walled garden, with fruit trees of all kinds, and evaporation ponds, and a royal residence.

Nefertiti, daughter of Aye and wife of Ankhenaten. Notice her exaggerated high cheekbones and "Asian" eyelids. She was half Egyptian and half American Indian (who are Asians). Her father was Aye son of Yahyu

According to Xorol ("ksor-rawl"), with the death of her husband/brother TutenAmun, Khiyah was no longer queen, and no longer wore the Cobra-crown: symbol of the Wisdom of the Gods. She "lost" her status as Queen, and status is as important to women as sex is important to men. She desired to be queen again, and to once again wear the Cobra Crown. The Cobra Crown, worn by the King and Queen of Egypt, was a symbol of the "Wisdom of the Gods". Khiyah desired to be queen again, and to wear the crown. She wrote letters to the king of the Hittites (i.e. Armenians), begging him to send her one of his sons to marry, but, the Hittite prince disappeared on the way to Egypt. The Hittite king saw that as a bad omen, so he sent no more sons to Egypt. Khiyah did not know what to do. As a woman, she could not rule Egypt alone. Her mother Nefertiti tried that, but the priests of the god Amun (cherubim) opposed her. She desperately wanted to become queen again, and wear the cobra-crown. In a dream, the Cobra (serpent) appeared to her, and told her that to again wear the Cobra crown, she had to tempt her grandfather with her "fruit". Our "fruit" in that which "hangs" from our bodies, like fruit hangs from a tree. Fruit contains "seeds" and "nectar" which is "delicious" to the taste. She did so, and Aye "partook" of her forbidden fruit, and married her, and she again became queen. This sexual sin caused the "Fall" of Adam and Eve. This is the "Fall" of Adam. The Soul of Adam died, as did the souls of all the Adamites, because the souls of the Adamites were merely copies of the Soul of Adam. Our souls being "copies" of Adam's God-breathed Soul is taught in The Book of Zohar; an ancient mystical Jewish text. If the Soul of Adam "dies" then our souls "die" too, because our souls are merely "copies" of Adam's God-breathed Soul.

The Cobra Crown, worn by the King and Queen of Egypt, symbol of "The Wisdom of the Gods"

Now, the ancient Egyptians, and the ancient Hebrews, believed that women had 12 ribs, but men had 13 ribs: 12 in their chest, and one sticking out of their loins. The Hebrew word for "rib" is tsela and can mean 1) rib or 2) wooden beam or 3) penis. The Hebrews referred to the loins as the "side". When Genesis says that Eve was made "from the rib from the side of Adam" the meaning is that Eve came from Adam's "13th rib" (penis); meaning Eve was a descendent of Adam.

What does this mean? It means that when the Soul of Adam (i.e. Aye) "partook" of Eve's (Khiyah's) "forbidden fruit" the Soul of Adam "died" in the Spirit World, because that is where our souls exist. And all the souls of the Adamites also "died" in the Spirit-World. This is why the Old Testament says that our souls "have no thoughts" and our plans come to nothing; because between the Fall of Adam, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all the souls of the Adamites in the Spirit-World were "dead".

.Adam (astral being) becomes mortal in Eridu, Sumeria and is called Adapa
..Adapa begets sons and daughters with Lillitu and eventually dies
...Soul of Adam reincarnates as Canaanite king Melchizedek
....Soul of Adam reincarnates as Aye son of Yahyu, Who becomes Pharoah
.....Aye commits "sin" with Khiyah and His Soul "dies" in Spirit-World (and Adamite souls also die in Spirit-World because our souls are "copies" of Adam's Soul)
......Between "Original Sin" of Adam (as Aye) and Atonement of Jesus on the Cross, all souls of Adamites "dead" in Spirit-World (this is why Old Testament teaches "soul-sleep")
.......Soul of Adam reincarnates as Jesus of Nazareth, leads a sinless lie, dies on Cross: His Soul and all souls of Adamites become alive again (resurrected) in the Spirit-World.

Before His "sin" with Khiyah, the Soul of Adam was "sinless". So, His "sin" with Khiyah (Eve) was Adam's "Original Sin". In order to reverse the effects of this "Fall" (soul-death in the Spirit-World) the WORD of God had to return to this Earth, and offer a payment for the Original Sin. Once a payment was received for this Original Sin, then the Soul of Adam, and of the Adamites, were "resurrected" in the Spirit-World. The Resurrection does not occur in the Physical World, but in the Spirit-World. A man can be "alive" in our world, but his soul can be "dead" in the Spirit-world; which is why Jesus said "Let the dead bury the dead" before His atonement on the Cross.

Aye was called "The Red One" because his skin was red. The name "Adam" means "to appear red" and "red soil". His tomb calls Aye "the Son of Aten". Nefertiti, the daughter of Aye and Tiy, had high cheek bones and "Mongolian folds" in her eyes. She was half Egyptian and half American Indian. Aye was indeed from Missouri, but the Garden of Eden (Aten) was in ancient Egypt, and the foundations of the garden still exist to this day, and you can visit it and walk upon its foundations.

Adam was not made from clay, and Eve was not made from a rib in Adam's chest. The "forbidden fruit" was not an apple or fig. The talking snake was not literal. Snakes don't talk, and they don't tempt naked women with apples or figs! The "serpent" who tempted Eve with "the Wisdom of the Gods" refers to Khiyah being "tempted" by the Cobra-crown; symbol of "the Wisdom of the Gods" in ancient Egypt.

Adam had to return to "atone" for His Original Sin


Christians are taught that Jesus "pays" for their own sins. This is not true. We all "pay" for our own sins; in this life or the next. Examine your own life. Can you "see" negative consequences of your own actions? The Law of Karma is exact. For every "bad" deed there is a "bad" payment back to us. For every "good" deed there is a "good" payment back to us. These were the teachings of Amasa Lyman (right), a Mormon Apostle, who claimed to be in contact with the Spirit-World in the 1860s, and that is why he was excommunicated by Brigham Young; who was teaching (at that time) that Adam was the Father of Jesus (Adam-God Doctrine), and our spirits too, and that Negroes were the cursed children of Cain, and that interracial couples and their children had to be "killed on the spot" according to the Law of God, and "this will always be so". Amasa Lyman opposed him, and was excommunicated. Adam is not the Father of Jesus! Adam and Jesus are two incarnations the same Soul! Celestial beings reincarnate. Terrestrial beings have one mortal probation per material world. The Son of God will incarnate (become flesh) seven times on this planet. Our souls are "copies" of Adam's Soul, according to what the spirits told Amasa Lyman in the 1860s, and also Xorol the Prophetess in the 1930s. And this was also the teachings of Joseph Morris, George Williams, and James Brighouse; three Prophets who came after Joseph Smith.

Brigham Young denied he was a Prophet, three times, in General Conference. He denied he was the rightful successor of Joseph Smith! Brigham taught that David Smith was the rightful Prophet, and he (Brigham) was only a Regent. But David Smith rejected Brigham Young, and threw in with Amasa Lyman. Amasa told David that Joseph Smith was indeed a polygamist, and then he "fell" because of sin. David returned to Independence from Utah, and told his mother (Emma) and his brother, Joseph Smith III, he was going to tell the Saints (Reorganized LDS) that Joseph Smith was a polygamist, and "fell" into sin, and that reincarnation for Celestial beings was true. Because of this, his brother, Joseph Smith III, President of the RLDS Church, had David Smith committed into an insane asylum.


Evangelicals believe that if they recite "The Sinner's Prayer" and accept Jesus into their hearts, His blood will erase not only their past sins, but their future sins as well! But they are mistaken. The Original Sin of Adam (as Aye) caused all souls to "die" in the Spirit-World ("Let the dead bury the dead"), but the Atonement of Christ on the Cross (not Gethsemane!), reversed the effects of the Fall, and caused all souls to "resurrect" in the Spirit-World. We "pay" for our own sins, not the sin of Adam, who is called "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38). God does not send one Son to pay for the sin of another Son!

Mormons expect that one day the dead will arise in our world, with dirt flying everywhere, with wooden caskets being shredded into toothpicks, with marble tombs being broken like egg-shells, wearing our temple-robes or our Sunday best also "resurrected" as if they were dry-cleaned and pressed. But, that is not true. The resurrection does not occur in our Body-World, but in the Spirit-World.


Moses was born only 50 years after King Aye and Queen Khiyah, who dwelt in the Garden of Aten. He knew very well their story. The true date of the Exodus was 1174 b.c.e., not 1250 b.c.e. as most Bible scholars have falsely assumed. The old date (1250 b.c.e.) does not work archaeologically speaking. The real date (1174 b.c.e. works perfectly! Moses knew that Pharaoh Aye was really "Adapa": the Son of God. He wrote the story of the Garden of Eden as a parable; to tell the story of Aye and Khiyah in a way that adults would understand, but the true meaning of the "sin" (incest) would be hidden from children, who would also be told the story. So, the "rib" of Adam became a literal rib, and the "forbidden fruit" became an apple or a fig, and the Cobra-crown (which Khiyah desired) became a "talking snake". But....snakes don't talk, and they don't tempt naked women with apples or figs! You know that...right? But, little children don't know that. They believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth-Fairy too.

When you were a child, you thought like a child, but now that you are a grown-up, you need to "leave" your childish beliefs of men made of clay, women from ribs, and talking snakes!

What does Eve made from Adam's "rib" mean? Moses wrote that Eve was taken from Adam's "rib". What does this mean? In Hebrew, the name for "rib" is "tsela" and can mean a rib, or a wooden beam, or a penis. Moses was saying in his parable that Eve was taken from Adam's "penis"; meaning she was of his "seed"; meaning a daughter or granddaughter. Brigham Young himself taught that Eve was Adam's daughter or granddaughter, and that was the hidden meaning of Eve being taken from Adam's side. He said:

"Moses made the Bible to say that Adam's wife was taken out of his side, was made from one of his ribs. The Lord knows that if I had lost a rib for each wife I have, I should have none left long ago. This should be interpreted [to mean] that the man Adam, like all other men, had the seed within him to propagate his species...Mother Eve was the daughter of Adam. That explains the dark saying in regards to Adam and Eve (Brigham Young, Feb. 7, 1877, Journal of L. John Nuttall, L Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University)

"As for the Lord taking a rib out of adam's side to make a woman of, He took one out of my side [loins] just as much [i.e. I've made daughters from my "side"]. 'But, Brother Brigham, would you make it appear that Moses did not tell the truth?' No, not a particle more than I would that your mother did not tell the truth when she told you little Billy came from a hollow toad stool." (The Teachings of Brigham Young 3:349)

Brigham Young was saying that by "rib" of Adam, Moses meant the "loins" of Adam, and that Moses was no more guilty of lying than was your mother lying when she told you, when you were a child, that babies come from storks or from hollow toad stools. In other words, Moses was writing a story he knew children would hear, and he "coded" it in order to protect the children. The adults of Moses' day would understand the meaning of the "rib" (which can also mean "penis" in Hebrew) and the "forbidden fruit" and the "serpent" who tempted Eve with "the wisdom of the gods" but the children would think these things are literal.

Grown-ups shouldn't believe in talking snakes, nor that men are made from mud or that women are make from a "rib" in the chest of a man. Nor that Santa Claus is real. Yet, even Santa Claus was based upon a real man: St. Nicolas of Turkey, who made gift fors poor children, and delivered them himself. The "parable" of Santa Claus is based upon a real individual who really lived, in Turkey, long ago. The same is true for the Garden of Eden story.

The ancient Syrian Christian mystic, Aphrahat (270-345 A.D.), wrote in his Book of Steps, that Eve was the daughter of Adam, and the original sin was "sexual relations" between them (Book of Steps 25:3). Aphrahat claims to have received this information from mystical visions to the Third Heaven. In ancient Hebrew "son" could mean son or grandson, and "daughter" could mean daughter or grand-daughter; just as "father" could mean father or grandfather, and "sister" would mean sister or cousin or niece or aunt. Aphrahat did not get his information from merely reading the Bible, but from his out-of-body visits to the Spirit-World. The Apostle Paul got his "info" from visions and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), not from reading the Bible or being "trained in the word" by other Christians.

Apharahat, the Christian mystic who lived in Syria in the 3rd century A.D., who travelled out of his body to the Spirit-World, taught that Eve was the "daughter" of Adam, and the "original sin" was "forbidden carnal knowledge". Xorol, who never heard of Aphrahat, but had OBEs to the Spirit-World, taught the exact same thing. In the Syrian language, which Aphrahat spoke and wrote in, the word for "daughter" can mean "daughter" or "granddaughter".


Evangelical Christians today still believe that Adam was made from mud, Eve from one of his ribs in his chest, and that the Devil was a "talking snake" who tempted Eve with an apple. Most Mormons still believe like the Evangelicals do, but that the "forbidden fruit" was a "fig" not an apple. How can grown ups believe such absurdities?

Men are not made from mud.

Women are not made from ribs.

Snakes don't talk, nor do they "tempt" naked white women with apples or figs.

Time to think like a "grown up" and not a child!

The Parable of the Garden of Eden was written for "children". Yet, like Santa Claus (based upon Saint Nicolas of Turkey who really lived and really made toys for poor children, and delivered them in Winter on a sled), the Garden of Eden story is based upon real people who really lived, in ancient Egypt. Moses...was born and raised in ancient Egypt.

Spencer W. Kimball, as President and "Living Prophet" of the LDS Church, wrote in 1976:

"The story of the rib is, of course, figurative." (ENSIGN, March 1976, p.74)

The rib is figurative of "what"? President Kimball did not say. We know that in Hebrew the name for "rib" is "tsela" and has three meanings:

a) rib
b) wooden beam
c) penis

Eve came from the "rib" of Adam, meaning from his penis, meaning she was of his "seed" meaning she was one of his descendants. That is the meaning of the "rib" story.

The name for Eve in Hebrew is "Khivah". The name of the grand-daughter/wife of King Aye was "Khiyah".

Early Mormon leaders did not believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans, nor did they believe that Eve was made from a literal "rib" or Adam, or that the talking snake who tempted Eve was literal, nor that the "forbidden fruit" was a literal apple or fig. They believed these things were "figurative". Here are a few quotes:

Brigham Young:

“When you tell me that father Adam was made as we make adobes from the earth, you tell me what I deem an idle tale...There is no such thing in all the eternities were the Gods dwell.” (Journal of Discourses 7:285)

Parley P. Pratt:

”Man, moulded from the earth, as a brick! A woman, manufactured from a rib!...O man! When wilt thou cease to be a child in knowledge?” (Key to Theology, p.50)

John A. Widstoe:

”The statement that man was made from the dust of the earth is merely figurative....Likewise, the statement that God breathed into man the breath of life is figurative.” (Rational Theology, pp.50-51)

Spencer W. Kimball:

“The story of the rib, of course, is figurative.” (Ensign, March 1976, p.71)

Brigham Young: "Here let me state to all philosophers of every class upon the earth, when you tell me that Father Adam was made as we make abobes from the earth, you tell me what I deem an idle tale. When you tell me that the beasts of the field were produced in that manner, you are speaking idle words devoid of meaning. There is no such thing in all the eternities where the Gods dwell." (Journal of Discourses 7:285-6)

Joseph F. Smith (father of Joseph Fielding Smith):

"Man was born of a woman; Christ, the Savior, was born of a woman, and Adam, our earthly parent, was also born of a woman into this world, the same as Jesus and you and I." (Deseret News, Dec. 17, 1913)

The early Brethren (Mormon leaders) believed that the story of the Garden of Eden was a "children's rhyme" that was NOT to be taken literally!


THIS ALL CHANGED when Joseph Fielding Smith, the grandson of Hyrum Smith, and the grand-newphew of Joseph Smith, became an Apostle and took control of the Church Publications Committee; which controlled the Church magazine, The Improvement Era, in the early 1950s.

Joseph Fielding Smith was an avid follower of the works (books) of George McCready Price; a Seventh-day Adventist "self-taught" geologist and the father of Creationism (also called "Creation Science"). Price believed that Ellen G. White was a true Prophetess; as to all "true believing" Seventh-day Adventists. Ellen G. White claimed she had visions in which she saw that the Earth was made in six 24-hour days, that Adam and Eve were the first people (and white people by the way). She taught that other races (Negroes, American Indians, Chinese) came about because the sons of Noah "married" women who were part ape or some other animal (not even kidding you!). She taught that God sent the Great Flood because humans were "mating" with animals, and producing "abominations" such as man-horses, and man-monkies, and man-bears, etc. She claimed to see all this in visions.

George McCready Price was a high-school educated Seventh-day Adventist, who noticed that many college educated Adventists were losing their faith in religion, because of evolution; which contradicted the "visions" of Ellen G. White. So, he read some books in geology at the library, and started to fashion something he called "Creation Science"; scientific "proof" that Ellen G. White's "visions" were true and from God. Price was also a racist, believing that "Negroes" were part-human and part-ape, based upon White's "visions". The Seventh-day Adventist Church published the books of Price for decades. Eventually, the SDA Church stopped publishing Price's books in the late 1960s, because Price was a racist, and also because "Creation Science" was being debunked by other Seventh-day Adventist scientists as fraudulent and completely unscientific.

However, in the 1920s, Joseph Fielding Smith discovered the books by George McCready Price, and assumed that he was a great scientist. He believed what Price wrote in his books; that Adam and Eve were the first humans, and that they were white people, and that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and that "evolution" was the Devil's doctrine meant to destroy faith and religion. Joseph Fielding Smith began to write books and articles in which called evolution a "doctrine of Lucifer" and he began to champion Creationism. This articles were published in The Improvement Era magazine; which was the ENSIGN of that day. Joseph Fielding Smith was made an Apostle by his father, Joseph F. Smith, in 1910, who was President of the Church, because Joseph F. Smith feared that his son and namesake could not keep a job. Joseph Fielding Smith went on a mission to England, and converted nobody. All of his missionary companions hated him. All this is in his published biography of Joseph Fielding Smith; sold in LDS bookstores! He could not keep a job, yet he had a wife and children to support. Obviously, he had what we would call today an "Borderline" personality disorder. Joseph F. Smith, as President of the Church, believed that if he was made his son an Apostle, he would have a job for life and nobody could fire him. Joseph F. Smith loved his son and namesake, and cared about his future and the future of his son's family. So, in 1910, Joseph F. Smith called his son Joseph Fielding Smith to be an Apostle. That way, nobody could fire him and his family would be supported for life.

Joseph Fielding Smith later became the President of the Church in the late 1960s, and lived until his late 90s. Because of his articles and books in the 1930s through the 1960s (which views were echoed by Bruce R. McConkie, the son-in-law of Joseph Fielding Smith) entire generations of young Mormons were taught in Sunday School, in Seminary, and in Institute, the following:

*The Story of Adam and Eve in Genesis is literally true.

*The rib of Adam was a literal rib from his chest.

*The forbidden fruit was a fig

*The Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri.

*There were no pre-Adamites

*There was no death before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

*Adam and Eve were the first humans, and they were white Anglo-Saxon looking people.

*Negroes came from a curse upon Cain and his sister (the Church no longer taught this after the late 1960s)

*The Flood of Noah was universal, and covered the entire Earth and killed all flesh expect those on the Ark.

*All races sprang from the three sons of Noah

Young Mormons were taught this from the 1950s until only just recently. Young Mormons, and Mormon converts like myself, were "never told" that the early Brethren did not believe any of this. We were not told. We were told "this" was the Truth, and that the Church had always taught these things. We were lied to.

The personal beliefs of Joseph Fielding Smith was further made popular by a book by his son-in-law, Bruce R. McConkie, called Mormon Doctrine; which was the most popular book sold to Mormons from 1960 to the final printing of the book in 2003. Both Joseph Fielding Smith and Bruce R. McConkie presented their own personal beliefs as "what the Church teaches and has always taught". But...that simply...was not the truth. All Mormon historians know that. Most Mormons...don't know that. Now you do!

Joseph Fielding Smith is probably most "famous" for his statements at the Honolulu Stake Conference in 1961, which was given just after U.S. President John F. Kennedy announced that NASA would land men on the Moon before the decade was over. In response to this, Joseph Fielding Smith told the saints in Honolulu:

Xorol R. Oliver, the Seeress, said in her "Kosmonic Science" lectures in the 1930s that "men would walk on the Moon and Mars, and send man-like machines to other solar systems." (Lecture at the Theosophical Society on Kosmonic Science, Sept. 8, 1930, Berkeley California).

Walking on the Moon has already happened. A manned space flight is expected for Mars sometime in the 21st century. There is now "talk" of sending robots to other solar systems, since no human could survive the flight, or, if he did, by the time he returned it would be hundreds of years in the future on Earth, but perhaps only a few years or decades for the astronaut. The Seeress was right...again.


The early Brethren were "open" to the idea of Pre-Adamic races, and that the "rib" and "forbidden fruit" and "talking snake" were "figurative" and not literal. But, with the advent of Joseph Fielding Smith and his son-in-law Bruce R. McConkie, all that changed. Some Mormons historians refer to this "shift" in Mormon belief as "the Smith-McConkie Era". Young Mormons were taught their personal beliefs as "what the Church teaches" and "eternal Gospel truths" and most older Mormons today still believe that; because that is how they were taught. Joseph Fielding Smith and Bruce R. McConkie never prefaced their speeches or writings with "In my opinion..." but with "The Church teaches...". Steve Benson, the grandson of Ezra Taft Benson, and a Pulizer-prize winning cartoonist for The Arizona Republic, once interviewed Bruce R. McConkie in his home, in the 1970s. Benson asked McConkie some questions:

Benson: "Elder McConkie, your writings teach that there was no death before 4004 b.c., and no pre-Adamites, and that the talking snake and Eve made from a rib were literal, but some of the early Brethren, Brigham Young, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Hyde, John Widstoe, James Talmage, believed there were Prophets before Adam, and pre-Adamites, and that the rib story was figurative, what do you have to say?"

McConkie: "They were wrong!"

In none of their articles of books, did Joseph Fielding Smith or Bruce R. McConkie even "mention" to the reader that their teachings contradicted early Mormon leaders! Nothing! Not a word! They purposely led the reader to believe what their teachings (in books, articles, sermons) was in fact what the Church taught the beginning. But...that was NOT the truth!

During the Smith-McConkie Era (1950 to today) generations of Mormons were never told that the earliest Brethren accepted the notion of pre-Adamites and a non-literal Garden of Eden story. They were simply "never told"! Both JFS and BRM believed that they were "saving" the Church from "Lucifer's Lie"; by any means necessary. Many "Sunstone" Mormons and ITBMs (Intellectual True Believing Mormons) "lost faith" in God and the Church because of the Smith-McConkie teachings.

The Smith-McConkie Era was devastating to "Sunstone" Mormons (Liberal Mormons) and ITBMs (intellectual true-believing Mormons) who accepted God-guided evolution! They still today sometimes refer to the Smith-McConkie Era as "the Dark Ages".

Thanks to the Smith-McConkie Era, the Church still today (2015) teaches that there was "no death" anywhere on Earth before Adam and Eve bit into the fig, given to them by a talking snake. The book Gospel Principles, which is required study for new converts to the Church, teaches there was "no death" of any kind on this planet before the Fall. In the LDS Bible Dictionary, which is found in the back of all Mormon Bibles, it says:

"Latter-day Revelation teaches that there was no death on this earth for any forms of life before the Fall of Adam. Indeed, death entered the world as a direct result of the Fall." (2 Nephi 2:22, Moses 6:48)

Some intellectual Mormons try to say that there was "no death" in the Garden of Eden, which had a limited geography, perhaps several thousand acres around Jackson County, Missouri, but that there was death outside of its geological limits. However, the Church does not teach that! The Church teaches still today that there was no death of any life form on the entire planet until Adam and Eve bit into the fig given to them by Lucifer who was in the form of a talking snake.

Do you believe that? Because... THAT is what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches as "Eternal Gospel Truth". Either you believe what the Church teaches as "truth" or you don't. There is no middle ground.

Xorol Oliver did not believe in talking snakes, nor in women made from "ribs" nor that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri nor that "nothing died" on this planet before 4004 B.C. But, she was not a Atheist! She "saw" and "heard" the truth for herself, via her Out-of-Body experiences. We'll tell you more about what she "saw" and "heard" and you're going to be AMAZED by it!


Now is a time for you to make a choice:

a) whatever the Church currently teaches is true, even if that "truth" contradicts what the Church taught earlier (i.e. the Church once taught Adam-God, now denies it, the Church once taught pre-Adamites, then denied there were pre-Adamites, the Church once taught "Negroes" were cursed and the seed of Cain, now the Church denies that doctrine was ever true, etc.)

b) the teachings of Xorol R. Oliver seem true, because they seem more aligned with fact and science (i.e. humans evolved, there was death on this planet before Adam, The Garden of Aten was a literal man-made walled garden in Egypt, the talking-snake, rib, and figure, are figurative not literal, the Qayin of Arabia are the real Cainites, not "Negroes", etc.)

c) neither the Brethren nor Oliver spoke the truth about God and the cosmos

Now....Choose one of the above!

If you chose "a" then you must believe that true Prophets can contradict each other, and what the Church teaches as "eternal gospel truth" today, may be something totally different tomorrow. In this case, God becomes "the Author of Confusion".

If you chose "c" (neither are correct) then you're either an Atheist, or you're an Evangelical. Either way, this article cannot benefit you, because your mind is already closed. You believe you have "The Truth" and your own ego won't let you consider other options. In that case...I bid you farewell.

If you chose "b" (Xorol was correct) then, please, keep reading.

Xorol (ksor-rawl) taught that for Mahatmas ("Great Souls") there were many lives on many planets, but for human souls there was only one mortal probation per material planet. She called that "consecutive incarnation".

Xorol taught "there was no death in the Spirit-World" before the Fall of Adam, but that death existed with billions of years on this planet, in the Body-World (physical realm) before the Fall. She taught that the Fall of Adam had "no effect" upon or in the Body-World, but only upon the Spirit-World.

She taught reincarnation for Celestial Beings (Mahatmas), and consecutive incarnation (one life per planet) for terrestrial beings. Those being who had one final mortal probation she called "telestial beings" or "sons of perdition". After death the sons of perdition are annihilated in the Lake of Fire (dark star at the center of the galaxy). Jesus said: "What good is it for a man to conquer the entire world, but lose his own soul in Tartarous?"


Now you know "THE TRUTH" regarding the story of Adam and Eve. It is not a "myth" but based upon real people who really lived in a real "walled garden" in ancient Egypt. By "Adam" is meant Aye, father of Nefertiti, who was the reincarnation of Adapa/Adamu. By "Eve" was means Khiyah, the grand-daughter or Aye, the reincarnation of Lillitu; the earthly wife of Adapa/Adamu. The "Garden of Eden Story" really happened, but not in the way you were taught it did.

The foundations of that Garden are still there today in Tell Amarna, Egypt. The sand has been removed. You can go to Tell Amarna and walk on the foundations of the Garden in the cool of the day, if you wish. The trees are gone, but the foundation is still there. Paintings of that Garden still exist on walls that survived the destruction of the City of Aten. The mummies of Tutenamun and Nefertiti have been found, but the mummies of Aye and Khiyah are "missing". There is no question but that Aye and Khiyah truly existed, as did Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Not one scholar, not one Egytologist, not one historians even questions their existence! There is too much evidence that they existed.

The atheist will say: "Ah, this is all myth! There was no Adam, and no Eve, no Garden, and no talking snake!" Yet, there was an Adam (Aye) and an Eve (Khiyah) and a Garden (of Aten), and the "talking snake" was the Cobra-crown, that "whispered" to Eve like a new car "whispers" to us: "Buy me! Buy me!" The ancient Hebrew adults would have easily recognized the "symbols" in the Garden of Eden story. Why tell it in "symbols"? Because the author of the Garden of Eden Story knew this story would be taught to children, so he had to "conceal" the literal meaning of things in "symbol". For example, Eve being taken from the "rib" of Adam. The real meaning is that Khiyah came from the "penis" (Hebrew: "rib") of Aye (i.e. she was his "seed"). Also, the "forbidden fruit": children would think it was a literal apple or fig, but adults would "know" that the "forbidden fruit" was that "fruit" which hangs from the human tree, which is "delicious to the taste". However, over thousands of years, the "symbols" began to be taken as "literal".

The early Brethren (Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Hyde, John Widstoe, James Talmage) knew that the "fig" and the "rib" and "Adam made like we make adobes" were "figurative". They knew that. James Talmage (Apostle) spoke in General Conference in 1930, declaring that the Bible is not a history of the human race, but a history of "the Adamic Race" and that there were humans long before Adam. That talk was published by the Church as a pamphlet called The Earth and Man. On 23 April 1844, Hyrum Smith preached a sermon and said: "There were prophets before Adam, and Joseph [Smith] has the Spirit of all the Prophets!" (Millennium Star 23:405). It was Joseph Fielding Smith who changed all that; based upon books he read in the 1920s and 1930s by George McCready Price, the "self-taught geologist" who became the father of Creationism. His books were written to defend Ellen G. White, the Seventh-day Adventist "prophetess" whose "visions" said that God created the cosmos 6,000 years ago in six 24 hour days, that the story of Adam and Eve was literal, and that the Lord destroyed mankind in the Flood because of the man-horses, and man-chickens, and man-snakes, and man-oxen, and man-dogs, and man-monkeys. How advanced scientifically were people living in Noah's day? Were they well advanced in genetic manipulation? In one vision, in 1856, an angel told Ellen G. White that the "faithful" among the Seventh-day Adventists would never see death. How many Seventh-day Adventists living in 1856 are still alive today? Joseph Fielding Smith, and his son-in-law Bruce R. McConkie, made a mistake. Entire generations of Latter-day Saints were indoctrinated into the Smith-McConkie teachings. They "know" of nothing else!

Questions for the Reader

1) Do you believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans, white people, who were tempted by a talking snake, with an apple or fig?

2) Do you believe that Cain, a white man, was "changed" into the first Negro? (note: Mormon leaders taught this as "a doctrine of the Church" from 1848 until 1978)

3) Do you believe there was "no death" anywhere on this planet before Adam and Eve bit into the fig?

4) Do you believe that the story of Adam and Eve is a "parable" filled with symbols and allegories, but a parable based upon Pharaoh Aye and Queen Khiyah of ancient Egypt?

If you answered "yes" to question 4, then that means you believe that Xorol R. Oliver was a true Prophetess! I certainly do. The Prophetess Xorol Oliver was "right" and we'll show you how "right" she was again, and again, and again!

The best is yet to come! We have yet more "revelations" and yet more "surprises" in store for you!

PART 3 of 9

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